Why is Globe R4H so pricey?

Posted: March 1, 2011 by runadoboking in My Runs
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It’s like Condura once again when I heard about the Globe Run for Home 2011 registration fees.  I was like really now?!? 650p for 3K? Seriously??? What about 10K & the longer ditances?!!? I immediately checked the details just to answer different questions running in my mind:

Are we running at the skyway? No.

Are there medals for all categories? None.

Is it for the dolphins?  Nope.

Then I told myself: It it isn’t like Condura.

Then why is it so pricey???

Reg fee details here: http://theadoboking.wordpress.com/2011/02/22/globe-run-for-home-2011/

I couldn’t seem to find the catch. Except that it has four beneficiaries:  Gawad Kalinga, Habitat for Humanity, Haribon Foundation & Virlanie Foundation. Are they the reason? Well, Hopefully. Because if not, what else could it be?

I seriously got sad about this because I’ve been waiting for this run, and I told myself I’m gonna run here. I just couldn’t convince myself to pay the very pricey registration fee. For the first time in my running life, I can’t convince myself to run in a run that I’ve been waiting for.  I just don’t know how to answer my question. Why is it so pricey? Why?

I never had this feeling @ Condura. But now… Why?

I know running is not compulsory, nobody is forcing us to run on expensive races like this. I know that It was just me asking because I want to convince myself.  I am just asking, it’s ok to ask right? And wait, its not just me, it’s all over facebook too. I’ve read a lot of negative feedbacks on the very pricey reg fee.

But for the record, I’m not complaining here, just asking. Can you give me answer?

Well, on the other side there are not so pricey races on the same day: the yakult 10-miler, manileno run & the luntirun, all set on March 27, 2011.  Atleast we have other options.

But I want to run at Globe R4H.  I just need to convince myself first.

To run or not to run? Nuninuninuninuni. @_@

  1. johnonline says:

    Yakult ka na lang, bro…

  2. runadoboking says:

    ^Yeah. I’m seriosuly considering. Kaso baka magkaubusan e, 2500 runners lang sila.

  3. Cybermumu says:

    4 daw yung foundations na beneficiaries pero you have to choose one lang pala once registered…Yakult na lang!!!

  4. John Brian Pacia says:

    sa Yakult na lang, 300 reg fee with singlet plus may finisher shirt pa sa 16k category 🙂

  5. eley tomas says:

    yakult bro! dami na nagrereg kaya takbo na at magparegister! 😉

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