Good times @ Run United 1

Posted: March 7, 2011 by runadoboking in My Runs
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Runrio & Unilab are indeed the tandem to beat in race events these days. They never fail to deliver and always give us the best running experience of our lives.

I ran 10K yesterday and I must say, it’s one of my best runs ever, in terms of my performance & the race event itself. All that I need, all I’m expecting were there. Though I failed to finish a sub60, I am so happy and proud of my time: 1.06.01, really not bad at all for a 80kg man like me. And my first 10K was 1.25, I’ve improved a lot. Sub60 is soooo near, I can feel it. 🙂

What I like about the race:

  • Real time Results – Wow! Just wow! With bazusports update, I was able to received a text message with the time I crossed the finish line & my finish time & pace. There was also an update on my facebook & twitter accounts. How cool is that. I hope all race will be like this.
  • Kilometer Markers – I know some of you don’t care about this that much but I do care. I don’t have those techy gadgets so I rely on this markers to know if I’m on my right pace, if I have to adjust my speed to make habol or to slow down and rest, things like that. I love races with markers every kilometer.
  • Hydration – As always, Overflowing.
  • Lootbags & Activities – I usually go home immediately after the race on the other running events but with Unilab, I find some time to look around, to check on what’s going.
  • Runrio Theme Song “Running for Love” – I love the song. It’s very encouraging to have a strong finish. It was nice to sing it while crossing the finish line. I had goosebumps actually. Maybe if I’m running 21K or 42K with that song, I’m gonna cry on the finishline. Haha. The song was just so nice to hear, I don’t know, I just liked it. It’s my current LSS.

Next month,  marks my RUNNIVERSARY. I hope I can make a sub60 finish with my 10K on or before that day. And I’m also looking for a good race to celebrate it. If  I succeed, I’ll start training for my first half marathon.

That’s all folks! Happy Running!

  1. johnonline says:

    congrats bro! you’re improving! (ako naman, i’m rusting…)

    anyway, good points! ang bad thing lang sa event, sa BGC siya ginawa… nakakasawa na ang BGC… ang daming paliko-liko… mas gusto ko talaga kung sa MOA ginanap yun.

  2. runadoboking says:

    thanks bro!

    may punto ka jan. kasawa na sa bgc, miss ko na mag race sa moa,

  3. Thanks for the nice blog post! 🙂

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