Russel Voted Out, Me Happy.

Posted: March 8, 2011 by runadoboking in My Survivor
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Finally, the evill troll Russel Hantz was voted out from Survivor: Redemption Island, I now wish Matt beat him in the duel. Sandra must be very happy! I am happy.

I can’t wait to see Boston Rob’s reaction on the next challenge and see that Russel is gone. He will be thrilled. Or will he be not? Will it give signal to his tribe to vote him out too?

Back to Russel, I’m so happy he’s gone. He failed finding the idol, he didn’t have the numbers and he was not likeable. He did not change his game: align with young girls, look for the idol, be arrogant & lazy, and annoying, that’s what he is on his last two seasons. He deserved the boot. He deserved to lose.

I know there’s a Redemption Island, and I hope Russel to lose. If he ever manage to return in the game that would be soooo amazing of him but terrible for the show. I just hope that the challenges at redemption island wont be rigged in favor of the little man.


  1. D-Gellybean says:

    I’m hoping Stephanie goes to Redemption Island next and I don’t really care if Zapetera has to throw another challenge to do it! Just get it done!!! (The sooner the better!!!)

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