RunAdoboKing Presents: RUNNING IDOL

Posted: March 12, 2011 by runadoboking in My Runs

I am not the type of person who easily idolizes someone. I can’t remember myself idolizing a celebrity, a rock star, basketball player or even my teachers & bosses. It was just not my thing. So every time we had this impromptu speech way back in school, I always had a hard time answering the question “who is your idol?” or “who do you look up to?” I often end on giving “my parents” as an answer because I can’t really think of anyone. Haha.

But when I get into running, it all changed. I’ve met a lot of people worth idolizing, worth looking up to. Aside from Coach Rio, of course, we all love the afroman, but there are other runners out there who are also good, they just don’t get the enough exposure & acknowledgment. So I came up with this idea of interviewing/featuring my running idols, on my blog just to let them know I admire & respect them. And also so that other runners get to know more of them.

Watch out on Monday as i present the very first “Running Idol” of my blog. Stay tuned. 😀

  1. D-Gellybean says:


  2. Naks, Si Wilnar pala ang Una. WinneR!

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