Interview w/ BDM 160 First Placer: “Simply Wilnar” Iglesia

Posted: March 14, 2011 by runadoboking in My Runs
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He finished first at the recently concluded Bataan Death March Ultramarathon (160kms) with an astounding time of seventeen hours & thirty five minutes (17:35) with the second place coming in 3 hours after. Amazing eh? Well, I couldn’t  think of any better introduction to let you know how good as a runner our very first running idol is.  He is fast, he is good, he is humble, he is simply amazing: “Simply Wilnar”  Mr. Wilnar Iglesia.

Photo from FB by Brando Wando

Wilnar Iglesia is a 28year old Education Associate from Pasig City. Born on July 31, 1982 at Sariaya, Quezon. Our running idol seems to be a typical shy & humble guy but definitely not in running. He is mean & a monster during races, with a personal record of 20.36 at 5K, 41.00 at 10K, 1.43 at 21K & 3.22 at 42K, he is surely a mamaw on the road.

More mamaws here:

I personally didn’t know the guy but he was good enough to grant me an online interview. I think that alone says how humble & giving our running idol is.

During the BDM Ultramarathon, I saw a lot of updates on facebook & twitter saying that “simply wilnar” was on the lead. I actually saw somebody posted  “nagmamadali si wilnar, may lakad sya after BDM” which made me ROTFL. The next day, everyone’s congratulating him on facebook, he won the race  and now he has a fanpage. Like it:

Here’s the transcript of the interview:

Adoboking: When did you start running and what brought you into it? Can you share a short story of your very first run and how did you feel about it? Ganyan na po ba kayo kabilis simula noon pa?

Simply Wilnar:  I started running March 8, 2009, at DZMM Takbo Para sa Kalikasan.I ran the 3K distance. I tried running because an officemate share his story of joining races,so from their i becoome curious thats why i signed up. My very first running experience is you can really see me as a newbie because i started out fast thinking that i can maintain that pace but later realize that i must do pacing only base oin my capability. di ako mabilis that time nauunahan pa nga ako ng bata eh..hehe..that inspires me to train more..

Adoboking: What made you continue running & what do you love most about it?

Simply Wilnar: Among the sports that I’ve tried I stayed on running because of the companionship and friendship that i gain from running and i discover and go to different places by running.

Adoboking: You finished first in the recently concluded BDM 160, how did you prepare for it? (You were 3+ hrs faster than the 2nd place! Wow! Congratulations!)

Simply Wilnar: Thank you for the congrats. Actually my plan for the bdm160,is to join the test runs and long runs that will be organized by running friends, but because of saving money for the registration i didn’t join any of the test run but divert my training with biking with my quest825/endure team and do swimming as a cross training.

Adoboking: What made you decide to join BDM? Anong reaction ng friends/family mo? Did they support you o did they try to stop you?

Simply Wilnar: Honestly simula noong sumali ako sa mga races di alam ng family ko na sumasali ako. Pero later nalaman din nila pero un initial advice nila eh bawas bawasan ko daw takbo kasi baka madapa daw ako saka mgtipid tipid daw ako. I decided to join BDM kasi di ba as a runner minsan gusto mo to go the distance.

Adoboking: What was the hardest part of the BDM? Can you share a short story of what & how are you feeling during the race? What kept you going? What were you thinking during the race?

Simply Wilnar: For me the hardest part of the race is KM 140 up to the finish because on that part of the race i already feel the blisters on both feet thanks to my pacer for motivating me not to think of the blister and move on. The people who pledge for my registration and support, my support crew, who has gone amputation of her left leg because of diabetes and friends in the running world who believed in me and also the Singaporeans most especially when madam Rowena (BR’s wife) told me that the Singaporeans are behind me, it motivate me a lot to push to the limit.

Adoboking: How did you feel when you crossed the finishline first? Were you happy? Were you crying? (Haha)

Simply Wilnar: I feel great when i crossed the finishline, i didn’t  cry in the finishline maybe because as i run and think of the people who inspires me & it made me cry already.

Adoboking: Did you run the whole race? Or may lakad din? Did you expect winning the race? Or were you surprised by your tremendous lead?

Simply Wilnar: I didn’t expect to win on this race, actually my plan was to pace with my usual running buddies (Sir Junrox and Sir Totoy). I don’t know what happen also on that race, actually i want to make a revenge on my BDM 102 that’s why i make the best effort that i can. After crossing km102, i did galloway 3min run and 1 min walk so that i can recover and maybe in the last 9-12kms I already walk because of my blisters.

Adoboking: I’ve seen a lot of updates on facebook & twitter saying all praises & support for “Simply Wilnar”. How do you feel & What can you say to those people who supported you?

Simply Wilnar: Im very touch and overwhelmed with their support. im grateful to the circle of friends that i have.

Adoboking: And why “Simply Wilnar” May kwento po ba ang username na ito? hehe

Simply Wilnar: actually simply_wilnar is my email add, whenever i joined logn runs some of my running mates when someone beautiful pass by they tell them my email add..

Adoboking: Hanggang kelan nyo po balak tumakbo? Haha. I mean, do you see yourself running until you’re at the age of 50-60’s?

Simply Wilnar:Since i started running i want to continue it till i grow old. i wish i can still do it just like the veteran runners that we can see on road races.

Adoboking: Is running really your passion? What will stop you from running?

Simply Wilnar: before it was not, i think i find the reasons to stay at running just like having frends, going to other places and going beyond your limit. As of now my gf..haha..joke..i will always do running as i grow old because i feel at peace when running,releasing the stress that you encounter at work or every day life.

Adoboking: If you’re not running, ano po ang iba nyong pinagkakaabalahan? Or takbo lang po talaga kayo ng takbo?

Simply Wilnar: If im not running siguro un ngbabasketball pa din ako..kasi un ang sport na hilig sa office at sa province namin eh.

Adoboking: What can you say po sa growing number of running community & races almost every week?

Simply Wilnar: Im happy that almost everyone is into running because of each/individual unique reason..just dont rush things that even a few weeks of running eh gusto mo na agad ng long distance..time will come na mararating mo din yun mga distances na un.

Adoboking: Ano pong maadvice nyo sa mga newbie runners & other aspiring ultramarathoners?

Simply Wilnar: As they say just keep on running and listen to your body and dont rush things.

Adoboking. Thank you very much Sir Wilnar!

Simply Wilnar: Salamat din bro. I hope I helped you a bit. God Bless.


Again, thank you very much to Sir Wilnar Iglesia for granting the interview! See you on the road & God bless too.

  1. Irene says:

    Wait, 3.38 for 42K is 3 hours 21 minutes and 20 seconds, right?

  2. Irene says:

    Wilnar’s time for his Milo Finals was 3:29 ata, and 3:21:20 for his Condura 2011. (42K)

  3. Hehe!
    19 min na ang time ni Wilnar sa 5K (AnR 5th Sunday Run)
    1:26 sa 21k. i think.

    • runadoboking says:

      thanks coach argo for the correction!

      naku magagalit sakin si simply wilnar nito, mali mali details ko. haha. pinabasa ko sa kanya to, di naman nagcomplain. humble talaga si idol! 😀

  4. runadoboking says:

    correct PRs: 20.36 at 5K, 41.00 at 10K, 1.43 at 21K & 3.22 at 42K

    as per idol simply wilnar himself. 🙂

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