ANR MOA made me STRONG (Yakult 10-Miler Finisher’s Report)

Posted: March 31, 2011 by runadoboking in My Runs
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I decided to join ANR-MOA after my disappointing run at the Condura Skyway Marathon. I finished my very first 16K on this race with the time of 2:03:33 and I was not so happy about it. My goal was a sub 1:45 and I just epicly failed. So I told myself that I have to train more to be able to achieve that goal.

I believed that running is just like life in so many ways. You have to work hard to achieve your goals. It is difficult but it’s all worth it in the end. No pain, no gain. Failures will make you stronger. Etc, etc, etc. All those clichés about life, can be clichés to running too. It’s funny but hey they are clichés for a reason. LOL

And so I joined ANR-MOA, believing that additional training will make me a better runner. Our training schedule is every Wednesday, 7pm @ IMAX parking lot, SM MOA grounds. Aside from that, I also run every Monday & Friday mornings at Legaspi Village Park in Makati every time I feel like running which is actually most of the time. And in fairness to myself, I feel that I have improved my endurance tremendously, I’m still working on with my speed but nonetheless, I’m still happy for the improvement.

Yakult 10-Miler came and it became my 2nd 16km race. I was actually nervous on this race because I know a lot from ANR-MOA will also join the race including our coach, Coach Mar. And knowing my ANR-MOA mates, they are all fast & strong runners. There’s no pressure but there’s the feeling that you don’t want to be the last one to check in. Haha. I don’t know, that’s the kid in me talking.

On the race day, familiar faces are left and right, from ANR, from HOB and from other running teams. And if you saw someone with a crazy hair with a visor giving you a hand salute on the course, well that’s me. Haha. I’m just thrilled to see you guys along the race and just throwing you a hi!

And so the race started, I run along with my officemate/ANR-Ayala mate Sharon & Kuya Don, and HOB Mates Ceres, Iris & Mark (?). We were all side by side until KM 3, I think.

When we approached the EDSA flyover, I saw Coach Mar so I decided to pace with him. I think I was able to run with him up to KM 7. After the 2nd loop, I could not catch him anymore, but of course, who am I against coach. I am just an adoboking blogger, and coach mar is coach. Lol

On my way finishing the 2nd loop, I saw AJ Beronio on his way back already. He was fast!  I think I’m on KM 10 & he’s on KM 13, same spot on EDSA flyover. After I ran down the flyover, I saw the Grande Brothers neck to neck on their way back too.

More ANR-MOA runners were flying along Roxas Blvd on their way back finishing the 2nd loop. At KM 11 I saw Idol Daphne Codilla on the other side, followed by our Warm Up Leader Mark (?). Cj Paran & Max’s brother was running side by side when I saw them on the other side too.

I was trying to keep my pace and trying not to walk to save my time, unfortunately my tummy started to feel some pain. I though I already graduated on this but for some reasons, it hurt that day. I keep on asking “ok ka ba tyan?” And my tummy will answer, “yes, I’m ok just keep on running” But I know deep inside he’s hurting. LOL

More ANR mates were on the other side (meaning on their way back. Lol) I saw Jerome Jamili, followed by  John Brian Pacia, Allan Tauyan & John Pilola, all of them strong & steady!

Finally, I reached the last turn at Airport Road, I saw Max & Coach Mar, slightly in front of me but I couldn’t catch up. I was running with a very slow pace but I’m still trying not to walk. I couldn’t run with their pace, they just disappeared in the course. lol

On my way back, I saw my HOB Mates Iris Rivera, Ceres Nido, Mommy Eve with Perci & GF running their way to the last turn at Airport Road too.

At the water station @ KM 12, Saw Chaley on the other side, I called him but he didn’t hear me. LOL

At KM 13 (?), EDSA Flyover again. Damn I keep on telling myself, I’m almost there.

I continue running with a very slow pace until I reached Buendia Flyover. I lost track of the distance. All I tell myself is I’m very near. No one is on the other side anymore, everyone is on their way back to the finish line. I walked the uphill & ran  down the flyover. I always do that, I always took advantage of the downhills.

I just realized now, that since it’s Yakult 10-miler, markers should’ve been by miles. Wala lang. For a change.

I saw the CCP ramp and I saw runners there, for a while I thought it was part of the route. LOL. I ran to the finsh line on a normal pace. I heard Alla Tauyan cheering on the side and saying “sprint na yan” “sprint na yan”. Napa sprint tuloy ako ng konti. LOL.

I came across Max, already done with the race also cheering me on. I saw the finish line and  I looked at the time 1:41:37!  I was ecstatic! I run fast and I finished the course happy. HOB Mate JR Garing was there taking photos and I’m lucky he took one at me.

It was a good run. Lots of running friends along the course. So happy with my time & I feel that my training paid off. From 2:03 @ Condura to 1.41 @ Yakult, that was a pretty big improvement. That being said, I would like to say thank you, to ANR MOA, esp to Coach Mar & the rest of TEAM MOA. You guys are strong and I feel strong too everytime I’m with you. (Toinks! Haha) Seriously, thanks guys! Our training is hard but enjoyable at the same time and it surely brings out the best runner on us.

See you every Wednesday! Happy Running! 😀

  1. Max says:

    Grats Cj! ^___^ keep on running! weeee! galing!

  2. forefoot says:

    Nice posts, CJ. Cool account of what’s happened last yakult. Congrats on your PR. 🙂

    Keep on training. Speed comes to those who seek it…and it visits most of the time when you already have ENDURANCE with you. 🙂

  3. Kim Flores says:

    Congrats on your new PR ^_^

  4. thei says:

    C O N G R A T S to your new PR….. ang galing mo…

  5. cindz says:

    congrats CJ! 🙂

  6. thei says:

    congrats sa NEW pr… galing-galing naman …

  7. jayrunning says:


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