I’ve met a lot of good people in running and will never be tired of writing about them. So today, I made a list of my favorite people in running, it was a long list actually, but I have to make it short and I came up with the following runners:

Jaymie Pizarro “The Bull Runner”– Everybody knows Jamie and I think everybody loves Jamie too.  I have not met her personally but there was a time that I sent her an email and she replied to me. We had short exchange of emails and I was so happy. She is such a beautiful woman and she is good in inspiring people. I myself never imagined that I will dream of being a marathoner someday. I always told myself “makatapos lang ng 21k masaya na ko” but after learning about the Bull Runner, something in me was lit up. Suddenly, there was fire that fueled the passion more.  Suddenly, I want to try and push and train harder. Suddenly I’m ready to face the tougher challenge. Suddenly, I want to become a marathoner too.

Erald Salguet – Erald is a running mate from TEAM ANR-MOA. He is one of the fastest & most humble runners I have met in my whole running life. He already won many races here & there but he remained very down to earth and kept his both feet flat on the ground (when not running. lol). I’m not a psychic here but I can see a bright future for Erald in his running career. I can feel a “Wilnar Iglesia” vibe from him: Simple, humble, fast.

Evelyn Mondragon Lopez – “Mommy Eve” – The mother figure of TEAM HOB, we fondly call her “Mommy Eve” and we feel like we are all her kids. The best thing I like about mommy eve is her friendliness & sincere cheerfulness to runners. I always see her on races & we will always greet each other and it makes me feel good. I can tell that the smile is genuine and the hi’s & hello’s are not just words but real friendly greetings.

Daves Espia “Barefootdaves”– When I was new into running, I always see Sir Daves overtaking me on races I will try to make habol but he is so damn fast that after a minute I could not see him anymore. Lol. With his long hair & trademark shirt & barefoot shoes, he became a familiar face on me and we became friends at takbo.ph. He promised to pace me on my next 10K race para maka sub-piolow daw ako. Haha. The best thing about Sir Daves is that he is never selfish, he will share what he knows about running, what he have and all. Namimigay din yan ng pera saka kotse (sa mga kolehiyala. Joke.) Haha.

Luis Arcanghel “Gingerbreadman”– My idol in blogging. He is just soooo good in writing and I envy him. I met him last year when I won a free race kit from his blog and after that I become an avid reader. I enjoy reading his blogs. It felt like I was watching movies. I also think that GBM is a heck of a good guy, he’s like a good brother, good best friend and all. I don’t know him personally but when I’m reading his blog, it’s like I know him & like we’re friends. Haha. I don’t know, I just think he’s a good person in life in general. Oh well, I could be wrong though. Hehe. Peace GBM.

Bhoy Runner’s Runner – We all love this guy. I remember when RR is not that big yet, I always try to look for him on races to have my pictures taken and I always succeed. Haha. But now that RR is so famous and there are so many photographers working for him, it’s so hard to spot Sir Bhoy on races now, or if you’ll see him, there will be a long line of fans taking picture with him. Yes with him. Dati sya yung nagpipicture, ngayon sya na yung pinipicturan! Level up. The thing I like with Sir Bhoy is that he is good with names. I like & appreciate it when he calls me by my name during races, I feel honored. Haha. With the huge number of runners nowadays, it’s really an effort to remember every runner we meet on races and it’s a good feeling when people remember you and I think Bhoy Runner is good at that, aside from taking photos of course.

Zinnia Villarin “Coach Z” – Hmmm, what can I say? Hehe. I personally don’t know Ms. Coach Zinnia, I have not seen her personally, sa facebook lang. I also don’t know anything about her that much but she is on the list because I got a crush on her. Hehe. She seems to be a very beautiful person inside and out. I hope she’ll be able to read this and hopefully I can run a race with her sometime. Haha. Hi Ms. Zinnia!

Note: Coach Rio is not included because he is a default favorite by all runners. 🙂

Note 2: I got your pictures on your FB. Please forgive me. 😦

That’s all for now. Happy Running! 🙂

  1. hahahah! baka maniwala silang namimigay ako ng kotse 😛

  2. Evelyn M. Lopez says:

    huwaw! Thanks Cj for including me sa list mo…nakakataba naman ng puso. Sa totoo lang lahat kayo..HOB or not…mga anak ko.
    I will always be there to cheer and push you..all of you.
    No.1 fan nyo kaya ako! =)

    Thanks and See you on the road!

  3. jayrunning says:

    go, go, go!!! jaymie & coach Z.

  4. toel129 says:

    nice list CJ. very bold move on declaring your admiration to Z! ingat ka kay doc marvs hehehe,… jowks! kung sinama mo sa list si coach pojie baka pwede ka nya pinagtanggol hehehe,… jowks uli.

  5. Zalds says:

    nice list CJ.. lagot ka talaga kay Doc Marvs, hehehe..

    Im sure inaabangan mo na ang registration for the next batch of TBR DM. It’s a worthwhile experience, I tell you, and to do your first marathon sa TBRDM is a memorable experience 😉

    TIP: Mag-enroll ka sa Barre3 para lagi mong nakikita si Coach Z ;)) peace Doc Marvs

  6. Jaymie says:

    Wow, salamat CJ!

    “Suddenly, I want to become a marathoner too.” Game…let’s do it! 🙂

  7. Erald says:

    Thanks Idol Cj 🙂
    Nahiya ako bigla..
    karamihan ng nakasulat dito tinitingala ko rin sa running world, tapos nasama ako sa hanay.. Lol.
    wishlist ko rin ang makasabay sa takbo si Idol “Simply_Wilnar”, pero taon pa ng training ang bibilangin.. hehe..
    sabay tayo sa TBRDM^ ^
    salamat Idol Cj. 😀

  8. Z says:

    naks naman..I’ll pace you on your last 10Km when you decide to do your 1st Full Mary (provided that I dont have any appointment on that day)..

  9. Thanks for the kind words CJ, hehe totoo yan , I’m really a good guy! LOL 😀 Kidding aside, I’m glad you like my work. I have been on hiatus for a over a month now because I’m really focusing on work and training and the little time I have to write I spent it writing for my mainstream media work. I’m coming out with some new material this week (i hope) but thanks for the support man. See you on the road!

    • runadoboking says:

      Thanks for dropping by GBM! pansin ko nga busy ka e. Congrats on your Subit Triathlon pala 🙂

      Kahit antagal ng walang update, gingerbread report is my fave blog pa din. 🙂

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