Chaps Grande: On Losing Weight & Winning Races.

Posted: May 12, 2011 by runadoboking in My Runs
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“Running is not just a sport or hobby, it’s a lifestyle for me. I get a self of accomplishment whenever I finish a run even in training days. I run so that I stay physically and mentally fit and I run because I love to change myself everyday” – Chaps Grande

Renato A. Grande Jr., better known as “Chaps” is a fresh graduate of B.S. in Marine Transportation of Asian Institute of Maritime Studies. Born in Las Pinas City, our 19 yr old running idol used to be a very heavy smoker, weighing about 205 lbs. One day, he wanted to become physically fit & healthy so he decided to run.

“I was very hesitant at first” said Chaps when I asked about his first ever race. “I know in myself that it will be very difficult for me to run even 200 meters because I was a smoker and I was over 200 lbs.”

Because of his desire to change and with the support of his Kuya & Ate, Chaps accepted the challenge and join his very first run: The Book Run 2010.

“My Kuya and Ate registered me for 3K and they bought me a pair of running shoes”

“On my first training day, five days before the race, It felt like hell, I cant breathe, my calves cramped, and I think I was going to faint when I reached the 800 meter distance, because of that I walked the remaining 2.2km back home”

On the race day, Chaps was still not physically trained and as a result he had cramps and difficulty in breathing during the race. He also almost threw up. But because of his determination, he was still able to finish the race with the time of 20 minutes flat. “I was the happiest man in that race for accomplishing my goal, the feeling was priceless, I still think of that feeling whenever I finish a race” says Chaps while recalling his first ever race finish.

Now, Chaps Grande had grown so much as a person and as a runner, from 205 lbs, he is now only at 152 lbs. And from the newbie who almost threw up on a race, he has now a podium finish on his belt: He won 2nd Place at the Imus Institute Run For A Cause 2010, 10K category with a finish time of 47:23  & first place on the recently concluded Duty Free Run,  5k category with a time of 20:08! Amazing!!! Talk about improvement!

His Personal Records:
5K :27mins; Mizuno Infinity Run (04-11-2010)
10K: 47 mins; Rogin E Last Man Running (02-20-2011)
21K: 1hour 48mins; Milo Marathon Finals and Unilab1 2011 (03-06-2011)
42K: 5 hours 05mins; Condura Skyway Marathon (02-06-2011)

“I think without running, I would not be able to achieve my goal in weight loss and to help me pursue a healthy lifestyle. It’s not something I do just for the sake of weight loss, I run because I love to run and I just get all the benefits from it” shares Chaps when asked about the role of running on his weight loss journey.

He also gives all praises to his Kuya & Ate who supported him all throughout his running endeavors.

And what did Chaps exactly do to achieve his goal in weight loss and in running?

“I run and I eat on time with only 1 cup of rice every meal, except pag may long run or hard workouts, I increase my carb intake… I always try not to deprive myself with the food I eat, I still eat the food that I want, but in MODERATION. Discipline is the key to success in everything. I also did not take any weight loss pills, I tried but only for a few days, pero di ko talaga sinanay ung katawan ko sa ganon, I only take multivitamins as my supplement”

Now, Chaps Grande is looking forward and training hard for a sub 4 marathon finish which is not impossible considering his dedication and discipline when it comes to training. He is also visioning himself to become an ultramarathoner someday.

“The best thing about running is that in so many ways, you will learn how to RESPECT and LISTEN to EVERY PART of your BODY, HEART and MIND” says Chaps as his final words.

The best moral we can get from Chaps story is discipline and dedication. Many of us run because we want to lose weight too but not all of us are serious about it. Many of us dream of becoming faster or winning a race but not all of us are training hard, NO PAIN, NO GAIN. It’s a cliché, but it’s a cliché for a reason.

Thank you very much Idol Chaps! 🙂

That’s all folks. Happy Running!

  1. Max says:

    Nice Story Cj! and Good job indeed for Chaps! 🙂

  2. Zalds says:

    Good job chaps. You will be an inspiration to others.

    Nice article CJ and thank you for this 😉

  3. booboo says:

    soon to be a FAST ultrarunner! 🙂

  4. aj beronio says:

    pareng chaps, im so very proud of you 🙂 jan ako hanga sayo eh, sa sense of discipline mo 🙂 isa ako sa mga witnesses mo sa weight loss journey mo 🙂 and im very sure to myself na ngayon pa lang, achieved mo na yung goals mo 🙂 take care and more power to the adobo runner 🙂

  5. ronaldo robles says:

    very inspiring story …

  6. chaps says:

    wow, salamat sa lahat.. lalo kay idol CJ.. 😉

  7. chaps says:

    salamat sa lahat.. lalo sa iyo idol cj.. 😉

  8. cindz says:

    indeed very inspiring, good job Chaps! kudos to you too CJ for sharing his story with us 🙂

  9. alex alfaras says:

    hi chaps, congratullations! am sstarting to work out ,too! thanks for inspiring me. God bless you!…..trevia lang., you know why he’s nickname “chaps” because when was a baby he’s really fat. we called him “porkchops’ untill we used to call him “chaps”

  10. Argo says:

    Awesome feat!

  11. Kim Flores says:

    Good job Chaps. Very inspiring.
    Nice Story Cj. God Bless.

  12. Jess says:

    Wow! Ang galing! Clap Clap Clap!

  13. Mark Romeo Galvez says:

    nice chaps! inspiring!

  14. thei says:

    ang laki ng pinayat ni CHAPS … discipline talaga ang kailangan …. galing – galing naman …

    at mas magaling ka CJ … congrats again for another inspiring blog …

  15. runadoboking says:

    Congratulations to Idol Chaps Grande for winning 1st Place at the recently concluded Duty Free Run! 🙂

  16. DaBear says:

    Good job! Maintain that!

  17. chaley says:

    from FLAB to FAB.. from a SNAIL RUNNER to a PODIUM FINISHER.. nice one chaps!! you are such an inspiration…. =) mas lalo ako na inlove sa running dahil sa weight loss journey mo.. keep it up!! =)

  18. Pepper says:

    grabe tlga, from the first time I joined the aNR session, I noticed sir chaps, you can see in him the passion and the desire.. lalo n nung nakita ko ung previous pics nia, I found out na ganun pala pinagdaanan nya, so no wonder he’s in the podiums right now..

    watch out for chaps, he is coming to the top, fast..
    congratz idol..

    congratz din adoboking.. da best tlga mga kabitenyo!!

  19. chaps says:

    wow, thanks chaley sa comment mo at kay sir da bear… isa ka sa mga sinubaybayan ko tungkol sa weight loss.. 😉

  20. chaps says:

    @ pepper, thanks.. 😉 grabe, mas idol kita.. ikaw lang ang barefoot runner na nkita ko na nagbare foot all through out the 43k training run.. lupet, super bilis pa..

  21. Bave says:

    very nice read CJ!!! good job Chaps!!! youre an inspiration

  22. chaps says:

    salamat po ma’am baves, sir argo, pati sa lahat ng mga nagcomment.. pati kay tito alex, na sinabi pa kung bkit chaps naging nickname ko.. hehe 😉

  23. abie castronuevo says:

    congrats chaps, and to cj as well. very inspiring article 🙂

  24. janice says:

    LOVE IT. keep running!!

  25. Mark Grande says:

    From what chaps looks right now.. It all started with me… haha! joke! BTW, i’m the kuya… Dati ako nagturo sa kanya bout sa running.. Ngaun siya na.. From the first running shoe and everything.. I still remember nung nag-jogging ako sa The Fort early morning tapos siya sarap ng tulog sa auto.. Si “Pumba” pa siya nun! Ayon, wala ako masabi.. kahit ako na shock nung paguwi ko sa pinas dahil ganyan na siya… wala nakong… “sorry to say the word “lalamasing” “man boobs” at bilbil nya!!! And Lastly, Thanks to you Adobo King for making a blog bout my brother’s accomplishment in weight loss and running!!! Go AnR MOA…!!!

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