Post Mother’s Day Special with Super Running Mom: Bave dela Cruz of Team Kain Tulog Takbo!!!

Posted: May 18, 2011 by runadoboking in My Runs
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“Mothers are patient.

It’s an important trait for runners especially those who wants to level up. They listen to their body well. Women know their bodies, they know when to stop. It’s not quitting but they just know where to push themselves and when to slow down.

Mothers persevere.

They finish what they started. No matter how slow what’s important is that they finish.

Mothers are great motivators and listeners.

Its not surprising that many women runners are mothers. That’s because mothers motivate other mothers too. They share great stories about their kids, about their achievements as a person, an athlete as a mother that is why a growing population of mommy runners are there in different running events.

Mothers are caring.

They care a lot especially if they belong to a group. They serve as the consultant, the doctor and basically the  mother of the group. Her care can be felt by any member and she makes the group intact like a family.”


Those are not lines from a poem or an excerpt from a prose. Rather, those are the exact words of our Running Idol Mommy Bave dela Cruz when I asked her about the qualities of mothers that make them good runners. I was left in awe. It’s like a prose already. I don’t want to add anything else because it was very well said. My admiration for her & other running mommies just went up 10x higher. They are amazing.

Name: Jennybave Dela Cruz, 29, Marikina City
Personal Records:
3k PR:   17:55  –  Finishline XTrail Road Run
5k PR:   24:17   –  Hyundai Accent  Fun Run
10k PR: 46:45   –  QC Dental Run
21k PR:  2:44  –  Goldilocks Fun Run
(she was injured during this race but still able to get a new 21K PR! )  🙂

Ms. Jennybave Dela Cruz, better known in the running world as “Bave” is the matriarch of Team Kain.Tulog. Takbo. She is a fulltime mom to Quillan dela Cruz and wife to Mr. Supremo, Cris dela Cruz. She is 29 years old, from Marikina City and started running since March last year and had been doing very well on the road up to now.

“We ran at Globe Run for Home 5K. Prior to that we are running na as part of losing weight and to be physically fit. We enjoy sports like badminton, billiards and swimming.  When we started joining and registering for races it gave us a different high. At first we were scared of running long distances that is why we were stuck at 5K for almost half a year before we tried doubling it up. August, at Rexona Run we tried leveling up to 10K. Had my 16k at the Knowledge Channel Karunungan Run in November”

With almost a year of running, she already bagged two podium finishes: the first was on Finishline Road Xtrail last January 15, 2011 where she placed 3rd on the 3K category with the time of 17:55 and the second was on Yakult 10-miler last March 27, 2011, leveling up to 2nd place finish on 5k category with a finish time of 26:56.

She also finished an injury free half marathon during the Condura Skyway Marathon last February 6, 2011.

“I trained hard for my first pikermi. Been seeking advices from different coaches and running friends whom I look up to because of their dedication for the sport. I filter each of them and only apply what works well for me. I survived my 1st 21K following the Galloway method with a goal of sub-3 hours, I was able to finish it at 2:45 painless and injury free, with all smiles in my face and I even was able to do a jump shot pose for a photo opt at KM 17”

Like everyone of us, Bave is also looking forward for her first ever Full Marathon.

“A full marathon is still a dream but im not in a hurry. I want it to be memorable and fun just like the firsts in my running history. I’m looking at a local Marathon and an International Marathon in the year 2012. Very significant for me because I will be turning 30 and I want it to be a very special event for that year.”

So how does our running mom manage her time for her family and for running? Guess what? She makes her training day as a family bonding. She brings her son on their runs & clinics, with her very supportive husband. They alternate for looking out for their baby during actual runs. Sweeeeeeeeeeeet! 🙂

“We bring along our son in night trainings, even at running clinics. We just let him imitate all the drills the coaches let us do and I think he also enjoys it. On critical trainings, my husband and I take turns on watching him. Good thing at Marikina Sports complex there is a playground where he can play along with other kids while I do some exercises like step ups, planks etc. Then afterwards I will have my turn to run.

Its easier for me because I’m with Quillan most of the time at home so bonding with him is never a problem. At home we do lessons like reading and writing because I haven’t sent him to school yet.”

Running has been a great world for Mommy Bave but there are also some challenges, ups & down, difficulties & satisfactions, and our running idol has been through all that too…

“One difficulty about being a mother and a runner is when your kid gets sick. As much as you wanted to train on that day, you have to sacrifice that because you have to tend on your child’s needs first. There’s this one time, a race is coming up, I wasn’t able to prepare well and train because I cant leave the house with him. So no PR for the race that came.

The most fulfilling part is when you get to finish a race winning a spot at the podium. The medal and loots you get to go home with are great ‘pasalubong’ for my son. I know he still doesn’t understand what its like to finish a race with flying colors but I know someday he can instill in his mind that Mommy does all the best and its all dedicated for him.”

Luckily, our running idol have the biggest support one can ever have, her family. No wonder she is so strong!

“My husband Cris is my greatest motivator. He pushes me to the limits. He is my personal pacer and trainer. He knows me better that any other coaches there is. He supports me to whatever distance I want to run but encourages me to do where I excel well. My son though very young encourages me by cheering me during my trainings. He learned encouraging phrases like “Good Job Mommy!” “You’re so fast!” “You can do it!” Words we often use to motivate him, he tells us back.”

Ms. Bave believes that she became a better mother because of running and better runner because of being a mother…

“Because of running I become fitter, healthier more alert and focused factors highly needed for being a mother of a very active toddler. And being a mother runner, your priorities are different. You get to have better choices. You set better standards in terms of the things you like to do. As a mother you set an example to other runners, as a role model, someone to look up to, someone to easily seek help with”

Truly, Ms. Bave dela Cruz is one of the many amazing and great running mommies out there in the road. Her ability to perform well on her roles as a runner & a mother is truly impressive and inspiring. Who said you can’t serve two masters on one time? Well, not all of us can do that, but mother’s surely can! That’s what make them special, that’s what makes them great!

Belated Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom and to all Running Mommies out there!

That’s all folks. 🙂

Photos from Ms Bave’s Facebook & Brando Wando. Thanks! 🙂

  1. thei says:

    congrats CJ !!! another interesting blog …

    BAVE – congrats… ikaw na, the best ka …

    so all mommy out there, lets keep running …


  2. Nice article/tribute to mothers CJ 😉

    Bave, you are an inspiration to other moms 😉

  3. Argo says:

    Bave and Cris two of my awesome support crews in the recently held BDM 160! People who motivated to finish the race! Very supportive!

  4. Bave says:

    i love you CJ!!! thanks mga running friends..keep on running!! see you on the road!!

  5. Nette says:

    one of my running idols!! nice write up CJ!!
    Congrats Bave!!! Happy Running to us All!!

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