Rainy Run, Fat Loot Bag & New PR @ Slimmerun!

It was definitely worth the wait: After being postponed from its original date, Slimmerun finally pushed through yesterday despite the rainy weather. Brave runners ran their respective events under the rain but with a big smile on their face during & even after the race.

Here’s what I like about the race:

Running in the rain – First time on a race and I liked it. It’s very theatrical. LOL

Very few runners – As expected, not everybody would want to ran in the rain. Positive side: No traffic, no flooding, you will own the road!

Fat Loot Bag – It was huge. After I crossed the finishline, they assisted me to go the finisher’s booth and I was surprised to received a box of Purefoods Premium Deli products and a bag full of other items. Here’s what’s inside:

Free Breakfast – It’s free and it’s unlimited: german franks & bread & ham, coffee, fruit shakes, tuna flakes, juice etc etc. SOLVED.

Ladies of Slimmers World –  Pics later. Hehe. :p

Affordable Reg Fee – 300 – 3k, 400 – 5k, 500 – 10k.

New PR –Yahoo! I ran 3K here and my time was 00:16:56. I placed 8th on Male & 11th Overall based on chip time. It’s just a small thing for some but you know it made me happy. It’s not everyday that you made it to the top 10 you know. Haha. Thanks to the rain, the mamaws are all sleeping. 😀


My next run is Pocari Sweat Fun Run. I’ll be running 10K.  Hoping for a sub60!

See you there! 😀


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