21K @ Milo Marathon: Perstaymer’s Report

Posted: August 2, 2011 by runadoboking in My Runs

Hi runner friends! Here’s my first 21K story. Thanks in advance for reading!

Pre Event:

I was actually hesitant in joining the event. To register or not to register. To run or not to run.  Stay with 10K or time to try 21K. Those were the questions that kept on running back & forth in my mind. (Un)fortunately, nakapagdecide din ako.

And so I registered. I was happy & excited & nervous. I told myself that the goal is just to finish the race alive. No pressure. It’s a first time so it’s going to be a PR whatever happens. Wag lang ma dyaryo after the race.

My friends Iris & Jonathan from HOB learned about this so we decided to run together, with Ultramarathoner Jonathan as our pacer. My goal leveled up from just finishing the race to making it to the cut off time and of course the medal.

Race Day:

We were early at the venue. We were there as early as 3:30am and the rain was non stop. At the starting line we saw Team Kamote all geared up for the 42K race. I saw a lot of veteran marathoners too. Weird thing though, did not see any Team MOA & HOB runners before the start of marathon. Wala man lang tuloy akong nagoodluck or highfive man lang. LOL

Starting Line:

The rain is still pouring and pouring and pouring. No sign that it’ll stop. Di pa nagsstart ang race basa na ang medyas ko takte. But it did not scare me. I am actually thrilled to run in the rain. Advantage sakin. Mas gusto ko ulan kesa sa araw. Then Running Host & Chinggay (who are suddently become active on facebook) gave the que for the video of the race route. And after that, the race began…

KM 1 – 3

Wooohooooooo! Running in the rain! I like! You can see the passion amongst runners. And I’m glad I’m one them. Feel na feel kong tumakbo. At the back of my mind. Kaya ko ‘to!  I can keep up with the pace of Ultramarathoner Jonathan & Podium Finisher Iris.

KM 4- 5

I looked at my watch. 24 mins. Whaaaaaaat? Di ko yata pace to. Bat ba ko napasabay sa mga mamaw na to?  Coincidentally, I felt the need to pee. Anlamig kasi e, tapos walang pawis. So I looked for the portalets area. I saw it somewhere near US Emabassy. Yay! Pit stop. After my bathroom break, I lost my team. Awwwww. I decided not to make habol to them because I don’t want to make them slow. Iris trained for this. I did not. I want Iris to get the PR she deserves.

KM 6

I bumped in mamaw in the making Cheyli Lazaro Jr of Team MOA. The day before the race, I saw him at Landmark, bumibili sya ng Seiko wallet. La lang.

KM 7

I saw EAT PRAY RUN founder, Francis Razon. We ran for a while saglit tapos kumaripas na sya. Anyways, thanks sa free shirt! 🙂

KM 8

DYOSA of Team MOA Ariel Suello passed over me. Ambilis!  I saw Max, Boo Atty Morgan & Vivian of Team MOA running the full marathon on the other side.

KM 9-10

Still raining. Sarap tumakbo sa flyover tapos umuulan.

I reached the 10K mark at 6:10 am. Time limit for this mark is 6:30. Shet. Ambagal ko pala. Natuwa ako masyado sa ulan. Ankalma ng takbo ko.

John Pilola on the other side, leading the pack of 10K runners!

KM 11

I was singing Bon Jovi’s “I’ll be there for you, These five words I swear to you
When you breathe I want to be the air for you I’ll be there for you” in my head. LOL

KM 12

I saw a runner wearing a Powerpuff Boys Singlet with name on the back “TAO TALAGA”. Funny.

KM 13

I saw my HOB team mates Iris & Jonathan. Pabalik na sila! Lol Dr. Rex & brother following them.

KM 14

I stopped at the banana station. Cheyli & Arman of Team MOA on the other side, pabalik na rin! Lol

KM 15

I was singing Bon Jovi’s “I’ll be there for you, These five words I swear to you
When you breathe I want to be the air for you I’ll be there for you” in my head AGAIN.

KM 16

Time check: 6:45am. Abot pa. 45 minutes before the cut off. Last 5K!

I saw Idol Wilnar Iglesia, may sinundo. I tried pacing with them.

KM 17

I was singing Bon Jovi’s “I’ll be there for you, These five words I swear to you
When you breathe I want to be the air for you I’ll be there for you” in my head AGAIN.

I felt sooooooooo hungry.

KM 18

HOB & Takbo.ph Support Station @ CCP. Si Papa Racs lang ang napansin ko kasi super nagahahabol na ko sa cut off time. LOL

KM 19

Time check. Last 15 minutes. Praying to God to help me make it to the cut off. I so want that medal.

KM 20

RUNNING LIKE HELL to the finish line for that freakin’ medal.

KM 21

I crossed the finishline with the time of  2:31:32. AWWWWWWWWWWWTS.  ONE AND A HALF MINUTE LATE. DAMMMET.

I got a medal though. I later found out that they gave medals to all 21K finishers. Pagtapos kong maghabol. LOL

Anyways, it was a good first time experience. I could not ask for more.  Thanks to God i finish safe & injury free. I also felt that I gave my best on this race. As in habol kung habol. Parang di  ako makaka PR for a long time after this unless I train seriously. Haha.

So let me say thank you for my sponsors (haha) and to all my friends who supported me on this, to my team HOB esp to Jonathan & Iris,  Barefootdaves, Team MOA lead by Coach Mar, Takbo.ph, Benlife Runners & PEX Runners na din. Thank you all. I am learning a lot from you and I promise to train well and become a better runner like all of you.


See you in the road!

  1. Nette says:

    Congrats CJ!! At least no injuries di ba? Ok lang ang time, important thing is you enjoy the run. 🙂

  2. kamoterunner says:

    congratulations on your first half-mary! strong finish, too! kudos! ;-P

  3. Cheers! Job well done brader! more to come! ^_^

    PS: we where at Mcdo before the gunstart of 42k hehehe

  4. Jonathan says:

    Job well done Cj, too bad we only ran together on the first kms! Sandbagger? I think so :).

    Did I read the last line correctly? “Bawi ako sa Milo Finals”…. game?

    Btw, can you remove the ‘ultramarathoner’ thing? Kind of creepy hahaha!

  5. Iris says:

    nice one CJ…lets get ready for our next half mary.. camsur na…

  6. congrats CJ! eventually i couldn’t catch up with you. hirap pala tumakbo tapos walang portalet na makita. hehehe!

  7. kokoydelmo says:

    Congrats CJ on your first pikermi. The best part of what you did was to actually make the decision to DO IT! To run a new category and gauge yourself on how far you can go! Then you can make adjustments to train better for a better time. Learn from the run then next time, you’ll be a wiser! All runners learn from every race they join in (well, for me at least) regardless of what category. If you need a pacer, I’d be glad to do it. Cheers!

    • runadoboking says:

      Thanks Kokoy ! True, i’m glad i finally did it and i learned a lot from it.

      Will train harder. Katakot naman magpa pace sayo. Haha. Thanks anyway! Magttrain muna ko maigi. hehe 😀

  8. thei says:

    CONGRATS !!!!

    ok na un time mo …. for the first timer …. congrats … bawi sa next milo ran mo…

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