Happy Runniversary!!! Happy HOB!!!

Posted: September 19, 2011 by runadoboking in My Runs
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In celebration of HOB’s first year anniversary, here is my simple tribute to my HOB team mates:

My HOB story!!! 🙂


HOB is a group of happy (noisy) runners from takbo.ph. They all met in the website’s sub forum “Hang Out Thread” hence the team name. The team started with six people who decided to “hang out” one night,  they had tubatels (many bottles),  decided to call the group as “Hang Out  Buddies” and the rest was a freakin’ happy history.

As of now, HOB has 48 members and hundreds of running friends from different running teams. HOB has been like an open group for all runners who would like to be friends with the team. It does not require you anything: you don’t have to be fast, you don’t have to be famous, you don’t have to be a podium finisher or an ultra marathoner before you get in. You just have to be a runner who enjoys tubatels, hang out movie & videoke nights and wants to be friends with happy (noisy) runners. If you’re like that, you’re so welcome to the team.

So how did I become part of this happy group of runners?

As far as my memory is concern, the very first HOB that I interacted with at takbo.ph is “neoren” (Richard Navarro, who is also from Team Kamote) I think it was on Figaro Fun Run thread, where we are all happy discussing our new pr’s for 10k race but we later found out the distance was short by 1.2 kms. LOL.  We became facebook friends. Then one time, he posted a link to a picture for his friends to like. So ni-like ko naman, it’s a photo of cybermumu (Ceres Nido) na naka jumpshot and by that I met Ceres. She pm’d me to say thanks and we later found out na magkapitbahay lang ang offices namin. 😀

After that I met PapaRacs (Ryan Salcedo), Eena (Aileen Piacos) & 42@forty (Allan Tauyan) at the “Walang Katapusang Kwento” thread. They are my very firsts HOB facebook friends. It was Papa Racs who added me to the facebook group and that’s the start of meeting a lot of good runners and friends. And I would also like you to meet them so lemme give them some shout outs:

KB, Doc Maya,Papa Dads, Racs, Aileen, Allan,  – the first batch of HOB who will always be part of the team no matter where their running feet takes them 😀

Ceres & Racs – looking back, they are really the reason why I became an HOB.  These two always invite me to the group’s events kahit na most of the time absent ako. They never forget to inform me and to update me and I truly appreciate it guys. Thank you! < Keso # & Dyaraaaaaaan!!!>

Mommy Eve, Papa Dads, Tatay Jess, Sir Zalds, Sir Jonathan –Proof that with age comes wisdom. Their wisdom guides the team and their humor is priceless. They are also very welcoming and warm and helpful. Amazing people and I’m sooooo glad I met them.

Sir Jun, Iris & JR – In my personal opinion, I think these three are the kindest HOB. Sir Jun will help a fellow runner in the road without hesitation, Iris is like always the prim & proper runner and JR is the very patient photographer of the group. I also feel that these three has been exceptionally nice to me so big thanks guys!

Shielaw, Sir Kit, Sir Road, Gratia, Noah, Mark, Fred & Soi – The funniest and most makukulit na HOB. Mga alaskador din sa fb but very fun to be with. They are witty funny and very smart people. 🙂

Jason & Julie, Mark & Dianne, Nette & Noel – Power couples, running for love. 😀

Tita Myla, Tita Susan, Tita Gen = Amazing women. Certified Marathoners & Podium finishers.

Ryan, Dal, Francis, Ely– some of our fastest & strongest runners. I believe they can compete with the powerpuff boys! 😀

Nhorie, Wendell, Wheng – quiet and simple people. I think I belong in this group. Haha.

And there’s more of us out there who I have to get to know soon. I believe we will be having our anniversary celebration before the month ends so hopefully we can invite some of you for you to experience the HOB fun.

It’s been a wonderful year of running, of carbo loading, of lsd’s, of tubatels, of asaran and of friendship of course. I am truly grateful of being part of this team so thank you HOB.

Happy Runniversary! Happy HOB! 🙂

  1. Ceres Nido says:

    Hey CJ, thanks for this!!! Happy Anniversary to us! Cheers!!!

  2. runadoboking says:

    Thanks! Happy Anniversary! 😀

  3. Iris says:

    Wow CJ, really nice writeup.. i was smiling the whole time i was reading this, kasi naiimagine ko yung mga kakulitan.. hehehe.. Thanks … really…

  4. marcus_addictus says:

    natawa naman ako dito – Jason & Julie, Mark & Dianne, Nette & Noel – Power couples, running for love. (hehehe)

    Nice write-up! Galing! Kudos to you CJ… See you soon bro…

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