Who Wants a Free Game @ LaserXtreme?

Posted: November 12, 2011 by runadoboking in My Adobo
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Hi Runners & Friends! I’m giving away Gift Certificates for a FREE GAME at LASER XTREME! Read on!

LASER XTREME is the leader in laser tag entertainment in the Philippines. They offer the best laser tag experience by using state-of-the-art equipment and world-class arenas. They also bring to the market the first and only Laser Maze in Asia! They have branches in Market! Market! And Alabang Town Center.

The Game:

LazerXtreme’s state-of-the-art laser tag system has several game formats specifically designed to provide a variety of spectacular challenges for its different groups of players. These interactive game formats range from the solo- and/or team-play formats for the leisure player to the more advanced game formats (playing by elimination, for instance) for the serious gamer.

A certain level of skill, collaboration, and coordination is required in team games, as players employ defensive and offensive strategies in protecting their bases and co-players as well as in tagging as many opponents as possible.

Game Rules:

No running, no climbing, no lying nor crawling on the floor, no covering of opponents’ pack sensors, no physical contact, and no rude language.

Game marshals or captains roam the arena during each game and make sure rules are being followed. In case of violation, a time-out period of 20 seconds or more may be given to the player. He or She may also receive a deduction of 1000 points from his or her final game score.

For repeated violations and in extreme cases, the player or players will be eliminated from the game, removed from the arena, and disbarred from any future game unless correct behavior is promised (through a written note) and subsequently shown.

Safety for all our gamers is our primary concern.

The Arena:

A spacious, multi-level arena provides players the chance to play “hide and seek” in a challenge-filled maze of ramps, passages and secret chambers, complete with visual and audio special effects (glow-in-the-dark space murals, lights-in-motion, exciting music), all to meet and exceed gamers’ expectations.

The Gear:


Lazerxtreme uses the NexusPRO Laser Packs (from Australia) for its laser tag game. Equipped with the latest generation of LEDs in a durable, light-weight vest and phasor, the NexusPRO Laser Pack is capable of emitting 8 different, powerful colors and beams, providing players not only flexibility in their choice of colors but also the latest in comfort or ease in wear and handling.

Game Rates:

Weekday Rates (Mondays to Thursdays)

Php 170.00 per game

Weekend Rates (Fridays to Sundays)

Php 190.00 per game/person

Exclusive Rates:


Maximum of 30 players for 1 game

Php 4,760.00


Maximum of 30 players for 1 game

Php 5,320.00

* Players are in constant communication which gives unparalleled

game variety and safety.


So if you want to experience a FREE GAME @ LASER XTREME, here’s your chance, just follow the simple mechanics of the contest:

  1. Like RunAdoboking’s FB Page
  2. Like LaserXtreme’s FB Page
  3. Tag both pages on this format: @Runadoboking, I want the to win a free game @LaserXtreme with <tag friend/s & he/she must also like both pages>!
  4. Leave your Name & contact number or email as a comment below.
  5. Winners will be chosen by a raffle and will be contacted on how to claim the GC’s.

For more information and photos, please visit their official website.

Join now! 😀

  1. Zalds (TKR) says:

    nice promo CJ 😉 survivor na sa monday! 😉

  2. Evelyn Lopez says:

    game on!

  3. Enrichard Valerio says:

    Go go go!

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