10 Random Things on my 10K Run BGC Experience

Posted: December 1, 2011 by runadoboking in My Runs
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10 Random Things on my 10K Run BGC Experience

  1. I did marshal duties for HSBC Run which started 2am – 8am (Sat). Slept at the office from 10am-1pm. Worked from 1pm-5pm. Attended the PEX party from 8pm-1am (Sun). Slept at home from 2am-3:30am. Went to BGC by 5am. 10k gun start at 5: 30am.  Wag nyo po akong tularan. Lol
  2. I found a cellphone on the event grounds before the race started. I went to the host’s tent and gave it to a runrio staff. I hope the right person claimed it. 😀
  3. There were very few 10K runners.  I had bib #61. Maybe most of the runners registered in the flag football category.  Coach Rio ran the 10K category.
  4. The weather was perfect. Walang ulan. Walang araw. Sana laging ganito. 😀
  5. During the race, I saw familiar faces:  the Jazzrunner: Rene Villarta, Team USB’s Ed Escueta, Ulikblogrunner: Banjo Asidao, the Running Fat Boy, Kikay Runner  and Team MOA’s Jerome Jamili. We all ran the 10K race. They all passed over me. LOL
  6. When I passed by the “Flag foot ball Zone”, I saw Running Atom, flying into the course. Nainggit ako. Haha. Congrats to the Flag football team, the execution of flag foot ball was good. I heard a lot of positive feed backs from the flag foot ball participants.
  7. I finished the race by 6:39am with unofficial time of 1:09. No sleep = No PR.
  8. The loot bag design was the same as last year. Pero iba na ang laman. PH Care. LOL
  9. It was the first time that I finished the whole program and awarding ceremony. Feeling ko kasi ako mananalo ng trip to Austrailia. My friends Kc & Cybermumu/Keso Girl: Ceres Nido enjoyed the “teach me how to doughie” dance contest.  Instant celebrity si flag football player. Sayang di napilit si Coach Rio na ma “teach me how to doughie”. LOL
  10. This is so far, the best runrio race for me.  Small number of runners. Perfect weather. And the flag foot ball twist was good.  Me hopes for more races like this: Quality race with small partipants.
  1. thei says:

    ikaw na ang walang pahinga ….

    congrats pa rin, sa 10km at 1:09 mabilis pa rin un ….


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