The Blender Bottle: Perfect Holiday Gift for Athletes

Posted: December 27, 2011 by runadoboking in My Adobo
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One of the earliest Christmas gift items that i received this month is a blender bottle. It’s a portable and multi purpose mixer where you can actually create your own fruit juice or smoothies, protein shakes and other nutrition supplements anytime, anywhere!

BlenderBottle® is a patented best-selling portable shaker in the U.S. wherein it received numerous accolades from different but all very distinguished institutions like Self Magazine, Reader’s Digest, and even from Good Morning America where they only had praises for the product. Let’s face it, the most successful, effective and enduring contraptions that are unique yet simple, and ready-for-use for every day, for every one. BlenderBottle® is all that and more.”

BlenderBottle® simply just works! No batteries, no cords, no slips, no spills, no hassles. It is FDA-approved, made of recyclable plastic that’s also dishwasher-friendly, and guarantees less cracking that makes it especially safe to use. Blender Bottle® has also several patented features that make it one very remarkable product”

BlenderBall® is a surgical grade, polished 316 Stainless Steel wire whisk that can be dropped within the bottle that blends ingredients into a smooth and light consistency when shaken together”

I was so excited to when I got this blender bottle because it’s very timely for Christmas & New Year! I can now make my own fruit smoothies, with my own choices of fruits anytime of the holidays! And it’s also a nice Christmas & New Years Gift for your health conscious and athletic friends!

Blender Bottle is available at Christ Sports Outlets with SRP of Php 699 for small bottle & Php 799 for the big bottle. Check them out now!

For more information: You may visit their website

Happy Holidays! 😀

  1. cath says:

    ang cute. bigyan mo ko neto, ung kulay pink or orange. hehe 😀

  2. Cherry says:

    Cool! I like the colors! I’ll check that out!

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