Thank you 2011! Bring it on 2012!

Posted: December 31, 2011 by runadoboking in My Adobo
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As I look back and give thanks today, I’d like to say that this year had been a good running year for me and I think for the whole running community as well. 😀

This year, we witnessed the running lifestyle to continue booming as we saw big commercial companies sponsoring races to promote their products, to celebrate their anniversaries or  to raise funds for charity thus giving us a variety of quality races almost every week. 😀

This year was also the birth of several running teams! Whether elite or recreational runners, various teams had been formed all over the metro. Only proves that the running community is continually growing and growing through out the years. It is also a proof that running builds good friendship and camaraderie among people! I guess if we all run together, we will all become friends. 😀

And personally, 2011 gave me the most unforgettable and challenging experiences of my life to date.  This year I ran my first 21K and 32K race! This year I was able to run to the places I’ve never ran before: Nuvali, Tagaytay Higlands, Corregidor and Cebu (Sayang I missed Camsur!) And also this year, I signed up for my first 42K for The Bull Runner’s Dream Marathon on March 2012.

And most importantly, this year, runadoboking blog was born. And I did not know it will be super fun like this! I am just a regular runner, not an expert, not fast or anything close to that. I am just a runner and a  frustrated writer (haha) who just like you, loves to run. So to my very few readers (haha) thank you soooooo much for for the support! I truly I hope I can give back at you someday.

To my team HOB, Team MOA, Ayala Triads, Team Tireless, Team Titans, and PEx RC , it’s been a good year running and training with all of you! See you all on 2012!

To Unilab, Nathan Sports, Primer Group, Eat Pray Run, Lifeline Foundation, Blogapalooza, Pep Squad Events, Runner’s Runner, Web on the Run,,, Benlife, Kulitrunner & Runrio, Maraming maraming salamat po!

And For all that, I am very thankful to RUNNING for making me a person who lives an active and healthy lifestyle, a person who helps his community thru sports, a person who chooses to run happy despite all the problems and tragedies around us.  A person who believes he can always become better with running and with faith.

Cheers to RUNNING! Cheers to all the RUNNERS of 2011!

To God be the Glory!!!  Happy 2012!!!

  1. Thirdy Lopez says:

    Kaya ka ba di tumakbo kanina….. Para makapag-blog?

  2. Mia says:

    Hello Adobo King!

    Sayang. Di mo kami nakita mag marshal kanina. Ha ha ha

  3. Zalds says:

    Happy New Year Cj 😉

  4. thei says:

    congrats !!!

    keep running and writing …

    happy new year …

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