On Running, Reg Fees & Responsibility (Unilab Run United Bloggers’ Night)

Posted: February 15, 2012 by runadoboking in My Runs
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Run United 2012

Runrio and Unilab Active Health organized an open forum / bloggers night last Saturday held at Contis, Greenbelt 2. I was fortunate to be one of the participants of this event and be able the hear the side of the most talked about race at the moment, the Unilab Run United 1 and Coach Rio dela Cruz amidst the on going issues about the “race fee increase” of the RU Trilogy.

Mr. Alex Panlilio of Unilab Active Health (Photo by Running Atom)

Mr. Alex Panlilio, head of the Unilab Active Health started the night by presenting the brief history of Unilab Run United. It became clear to me that Unilab was indeed serious in helping and promoting wellness among the Filipinos and to their whole family. They created various activities to support the needs of Filipino athletes, elite or beginners, young or old, thus the creation of various Run United Events aside from the Run United Trilogy such us Bike United, Tri United, Unilab Active Health Village and the Kid’s category on running events. And for that, I admire them for taking the responsibility in promoting good health and wellness to the Filipino community.

Coach Rio dela Cruz (Photo by Running Atom)

Coach Rio was the next to present Run United 1 and to discuss its new features of the race:

  • RU1 2012 will have a new race route. 21K will have a separate starting line (BGC) and finish line (MOA). 3K, 5k and 10K will also have separate race routes to avoid flooding and congestion of runners on critical points.
  • 21K runners will be provided with shuttle services for free transportation. (Pick up points and time, TBA)
  • There will be a Unilab Bib holder included in the race kit.
  • There will still be a finisher’s shirt & finisher’s medal for 21K finishers.
  • More details here.

Registration fees

After the presentation of the Run United1, the “open forum” of runners/bloggers started. Coach Rio, prepared a presentation showing the transition of running events from it’s grass root and simple beginnings up to the grand and world class races that we have right now. Veteran runners were also asked to share some of their experience from their races way back 90’s and early 2000’s. Some runners also share their experiences about running a race in other country. All agreed on one thing: running is #morefuninthephilippines.

Bloggers Group Shot (Photo by Running Atom)

Kikayrunner, asked about the increase on the fee for Run United, and this is my understanding on Coach Rio’s explanation:

  • Run United 2012 will use a larger race route since 21K will have a separate Starting Line & Finishline. (BGC-MOA). They will basically use BGC, MOA, Makati and Roxas Blvd roads for this race.
  • The larger the road, more supply and more manpower is needed. Since 3K, 5K and 10K category will have separate routes, that means separate and more hydration stations and more manpower.
  • Runrio is hiring marshals on their event. They refrain from using volunteers because it’s hard to set rules and be strict w/ volunteers. Also they would like to give jobs to people.
  • Inflation rate. We are all aware that as time goes by, the prices of goods increase. According to Rio, some of his suppliers for singlets and other goods, increased their pricings.
  • Sponsors do not give cash. I encountered many comments on facebook saying “andami daming sponsor tapos ang mahal mahal” So to be clear, when sponsors support an event its more on x deals or in kind.

So that was it basically. I hope it cleared your minds as much as it cleared mine. They gave us the reason for the registration fee increase. It is up to you how to handle it. The choice to run a race has always been on our hands (eerrr or legs?)

Photo by Running Atom


The Bull Runner: Jamie Pizarro nicely end the night by saying something like this “as bloggers we should be responsible on what we post because intentionally or unintentionally, we influence people, we should be factual and objective on whatever we write about” Not the exact words but the message is something like that. And I think this should go not just to bloggers but for all us in the running community.

As a runner, my responsibility to myself is to run, to train, to stay fit and healthy. It is not my responsibility to join a race. It has always been a choice.

I will not join a race then complain and say “wala na kong mapakain sa pamilya ko dahil sa mahal ng registration fees”, if you are like that: something is wrong with you and you might had misunderstood your responsibility.

As a blogger, it’s my responsibility to tell the truth.  Sharing my experience, being inspirational or being annoying is optional. Being silent on some issues does not mean we do not care or we are paid, we are just waiting for the proper time.  😀

We all have responsibilities, make sure you know yours. And when you act upon it, try not to step on someone else’s toes. Just my two cents.

Thanks for reading. Happy Running! 😀

  1. zachyrunner says:

    On “We all have responsibilities, make sure you know yours. And when you act upon it, try not to step on someone else’s toes”…

    Indeed we know that we have our responsibilities… but please be fair and just with the registration fees… Now talking about responsibility – Can UNILAB and Coach RIO provide the breakdown of our Registration fees for each cent that cost? Isn’t that it is the organizers RESPONSIBILITY to inform all participants? Just a though of being RESPONSIBLE…

    • runadoboking says:

      Hi Zachy! In fairness to Unilab & Runrio, they offered us to have a copy of their financial statements for audit but i chose not to get one because on my opinion, their only responsibility is to make sure that their race is safe, secured and organized and not to explain every single details of the race to all of us. (opinion ko lang yun ha) 😀

      But If you will request, maybe you can send them a letter. You just need to sign a confidentiality agreement yata.

      • zachyrunner says:

        That will be fair… but not just to me… Similar to other entities which they divulge their income, asset and liabilities. I believe or most of us believe they need to publish everything… Transparency is most welcome rather having a confidential agreement. This applies not only for UNILAB but for the other organizers as well…

        People now would like to know more where their money goes to… Would you not agree? Or would everyone agree…

      • runadoboking says:

        We like to know where the money goes. I agree on that. And after hearing their explanation, i understood that the registration fee that we are paying are used for us to have a quality and safe race, sufficient hydration, medical team, enough manpower, safe road, finisher shirts and medals etc etc.

        I just dont know why other people cant just accept that. Hehe. Or maybe it’s just me. :p

      • zachyrunner says:

        hmmnn… ok agree on your statements about quality of races… then there’s no harm in providing the financial statement – just to be transparent to everyone…

        I just don’t know why other people cant get that… 🙂 or maybe it’s just me… 🙂

      • runadoboking says:

        Maybe were just different. Haha. 😀

        Again if you want a copy of their FS, just let them know. If they have conditions, i dont know how to explain that. Haha.

        Thanks for reading zach! 😀

  2. Boom! Pak! Tumpak! Panalong panalo ka! Ay teka ihanda mo na ang iyong kalooban sa mga paCRAB CRAB dyan! Standing Oblation!

  3. nikrielo says:

    were the invited bloggers given free race kits? if yes, mmmmmm? if not, why not?

    • runadoboking says:

      hi nikki! just to answer your question, no, i did not receive a free kit that night. 😀

      and fyi, i completed the last year’s ru trilogy from my own money. 😀

      • nikrielo says:

        sutil lang ako and i dont mean any offense. hehe. i have registered already for the ru1 and intends to finish until the rupm. the cost is relative depende kung sino nagsasabi. mura if may pera ka. mahal if walang pambayad. my point: wala naman reklamo if walang pinanggagalingan. let runrio prove they are worth the money they collect. hehe 🙂

      • runadoboking says:

        Ok. Buti na lang sutil ka lang, kasi muntik na ako maoffend. Haha. 😀

        Actually may kamahalan naman talaga. Ok lang naman magreklamo e basta marunong tumanggap ng paliwanag. 😀

        At tama ka, let runrio prove it.:D

  4. lezrunner says:

    “Run United 2012 will use a larger race route since 21K will have a separate Starting Line & Finishline. (BGC-MOA). They will basically use BGC, MOA, Makati and Roxas Blvd roads for this race.”

    “21K runners will be provided with shuttle services for free transportation. (Pick up points and time, TBA)”

    “aside for that the 21K runners will received a finisher’s shirt & medal”

    my opinion: hay, sulit n sulit byad ng 21K runners, paano nmn kmeng mga 3k, 5k & 10K runners, kame ngshould ng additional expenses….bakit ngkaganun?

    • runadoboking says:

      hi lezrunner!

      ang understanding ko po sa explanation ng runrio is: separate po ang routes ng 3k, 5k, 10k = meaning may iba iba po kayong hydration stations and marshalls unlike dati na sa BGC lang, same lang ang dinadaanan, same din ang hydration stations at marshalls, kaya mas malaki po ang expense ngayon. also ayun nga po, may effect din po ang inflation, sadyang tumaas po ang presyo ng mga supplies at goods na ginagamit natin sa running events. 😀

  5. Mike says:

    “People now would like to know more where their money goes to… Would you not agree? Or would everyone agree…”

    Race organizers don’t have to disclose where the money goes. We as runners can see it for ourselves. How many marshals, what items are given to runners, how’s the security, how organized is the race.

  6. manghusi says:

    Basta ako masaya ako sa conclusion ng blog na ito! Thanks for sharing idol! ^_^

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