HYUNDAI RUN FOR A CAUSE 2012: What are you running for?

Posted: April 27, 2012 by runadoboking in My Runs
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After the huge success of the very first Hyundai Run For A Cause last year, Hyundai Philippines is giving us a better and bigger race this year, and of course it’s still for FREE. With 26,000 registered runners, running for eight different causes, this running event will surely leave a mark in the history of the running community.

During the online registration, runners were asked to choice a cause that they want to support: Education, Community Development, Filipino Heritage & Pride, Environmental Sustainability, Social Entrepreneurship, Road Safety, Youth Development, and Women & Children’s Rights. Since there was no registration fee collected  for  this race, Hyundai Phillipines is donating to the eight beneficiaries of the race from their own money. Now, that’s what you call charity. 😀

The eight beneficiaries of the race are the following:

 Education: HARI PUP Scholars

Environment Sustainability: Haribon foundation

Community Development:  National Children’s Hospital

Filipino Heritage & Pride: Department of Tourism

Road Safety: HARI Foundation

Women & Children’s Rights: U.P. Women Lawyer’s Circle

Social Entrepreneurship : Gawad Kalinga

Youth Development through Sports: Younghusband Football Academy

This is more that just a FREE RACE. This is the real RUN FOR A CAUSE: no strings attached, just pure charity. As we run on this race, remember, we are running for a cause and not just because it’s free! Know what you are running for! And as Hyundai said: Make a mark on your every step! 😀

Hyundai Run For A Cause Race Details:

Date: April 29, 2012

Venue: Quirino Grandstand

Events: 5k & 10k

10k Gun Starts:  

Wave A:  5:00 am / Wave B:  5:05 am / Wave C: 5:10 am

5k Gun Starts: 

Wave D: 6:00 am / Wave E: 6:05 am / Wave F: 6:10 am / Wave G: 6:15 am

For other updates and race information, visit their facebook page. Thanks for reading! See you at the road! 🙂


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