Brooks Run Happy Updates & Race Kit Giveaway!

Hi there runner friends!  Here are some race updates regarding Brooks Run Happy 2012!  🙂

  • Registration is on going and extended until June 1, 2012 @ Runnr, Toby’s and A Runner’s Circle.
  • There is an on going 9+1 promo. Register for 9 people and get 1 for free.
  • Finisher’s Medal will be given to 21K finishers ONLY.
  • Sad to hear, but there’ll be no finisher’s shirts contrary to what i initially posted.  😦
  • Race Maps are now available.  Please see below.

Brooks Run Happy 2 Race Maps

Brooks Run Happy Finisher’s Medal


And now the good news…  We are giving away a FREE RACE KIT to one lucky reader of this blog! 🙂

Just follow the simple steps below:

1. Like the Brooks Run Happy 2 Facebook Page.

2. Like the Run Adobo King Facebook Page.

3. Answer this simple question: How does running make you HAPPY?

3. Post your answer as a comment on this blog with your name, preferred distance and email address.

4. The answer that will make me happy the most will win the free race kit.  🙂

5.  The contest will end tomorrow May 29, 2012, Tuesday 11pm.

Are you Ready? Go!

Good luck guys! Happy Running! 🙂


76 thoughts on “Brooks Run Happy Updates & Race Kit Giveaway!

  1. Its such a personal thing. It helped me personally through tough times and I see running more as a friend. I know this applies to loads of people. A great feeling of personal satisfaction that I was able to finish, and I ran it for the whole crew (me, myself and I). I am proud to say I am a runner and why shouldn’t you be. And that what makes me happy.

  2. running makes me happy because it makes me tired. LOL! invalid entry ito. nanggugulo lang. paki-publish ang walang kwenta kong comment.

  3. How does running makes you HAPPY?

    Running makes me:
    H-onest because of my commitment to train well enough in finishing strong
    A-ctive in terms of having a fit and healthy lifestyle
    P-assionate because it inspires me that I can overcome every challenge that may came about in life
    P-atient since it times a lot of time to practice and be in the right running condition; &
    Y-oung because it brings me a lot of youthful energy to spare even after the race such as celebrating my strong finish with my running friends and family

    Reginald T. Bueno

  4. How does running make me happy..
    Its makes me happy because every distance that I ran is a great achievement and a great feeling of the air in my skin. 😉

    preferred distance: 6km

  5. Rodel Garcia, 21k,

    Running makes me happy because I both lost some and gained some. I started running 2 years ago, initially for health reasons. I was advised by my doctor to get into cardio activities to improve my erratic blood pressure. I started losing weight since then, from 190lbs, I have stabilized at 160lbs. But beyond losing weight, it is on the gaining that made me happier. I met a lot of new friends, activity partner and a lot of acquaintances. Running has expanded my horizon.

  6. Running makes me happy because when I run, I get the “endorphine-rush”. Endorphine, from the term endogenous morphine, is an opiate-like substance that is produced by the brain which has a potent analgesic effect, and produces a feeling of sedation, and euphoria. When I run, I get high(in a legal way). Oh by the way, i just ran.

    Joesan Matematico

  7. You feel so free, and most of the time there’s no pressure to really do anything in particular. Or, if there is, you get a great sense of achievement once you’ve completed something. This may sound a little odd, but i also love that sensation when you’ve been running for ages, and you’re exhausted, and then right at the end of the race you put all of your effort into the last several hundred metres, and you can’t feel yours legs and they’re like jelly. I just feel UNSTOPPABLE.

    I also find it really helps to calm me down as well, and it gives me time alone when i can just think and forget about everything else. You kind of get the opportunity just to take in what’s around you, look at nature.

    And then you have the really happy feeling when you’ve finished, even if you ache all over, because you’ve achieved something, and you can just relax.

    And of course it’s a great feeling just eating afterwards when you’re starving.
    (I have this thing about being hungry; i love waiting until i’m hungry so that i get a really nice feeling from eating. weird, i know)

    If selected I would like to run for 21K. Goodluck to all the participant. More power to all Runners. And always be Happy…

  8. When we run, our body release endorphins and neurotransmitters like dopamine which is responsible for mood regulation. Running clears my head and it’s nice to run recovery runs with friends.

    Yves Parma

  9. ang pagtakbo ay nagbibigay ligaya sa akin dahil>
    1. doon ko nakakasama ang nag iisang babae sa buhay ko , ang aking asawa bilang tagahanga.
    2. sa edad ko na senior citizen na, nagbibigay sigla sa akin ang pagtakbo.
    3. ito rin ang paraan para matagal ang iyong stress. ( nagtratrabaho po ako bilang KAGAWAD ng BRGY namin )
    4. at ang feeling ko bumata ako ng 20 taon kapag nakita ko yung resulta na marami akong nalagpasan na mas bata sa akin.


  10. I’m happy when I run because I feel free from all the troubles of the world. But I’m not “running away from my problems” though. I simply run happy. Every run there is a new discovery.

  11. It makes me super happy every time I join events and when I got home I’m always asked by my 3-year old daughter if I won. I always proudly say that I won…my personal race. For my health and for the future of my family, I always say to myself. She said she likes to run with me when she grows up. Nice, eh? 🙂

    Billie Jacob

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  13. How does running makes you HAPPY?
    -running makes me happy because of health benefit it give to our body and meet new friends !!


  14. Exercise releases endorphins. Endorphins give us a sense of euphoria “A Runner’s High”
    In other words, the chemicals we released when we exercise are “Happy Chemicals” same chemicals we release while we smile. So running is my other way for me to smile.

    Dionimar Maldo

  15. Question: How does running makes you HAPPY?

    Answer: It makes me happy because through running I get more closer to my running/Blogger esp. idol – Cj Lampad [and I am SERIOUS] I hope my most anticipated and ever dream picture with him will be granted on Brooks Happy Run 2 #ILoveRunAdoboKing 🙂

    truly yours;
    Avid follower/Fan – Jose Ramizares

  16. Running makes me happy because it simply brings out the best in me. When I run, I inhale freedom and I feel very glad to know that I’m alive and healthy. It brings out the positive energy in me and I feel like I can conquer any distance and reach places with this gift of God which is my legs. 🙂

    Marie Joyce B. Negapatan

  17. mac lactaoen

    How does running makes you HAPPY?
    ‘Coz of runner’s high. its like when my running shoes are pounding the pavement—then suddenly all the pain fades away, and I’m feeling euphoric. I’m suddenly in a happy, zen-like state, that’s the thing I’m addicted to and that’s the reason why running makes me HAPPY.

  18. Answer: Running makes me happy because when my family run together and we makes feel healthy and strong family because i said to my kids when I and your mom going older you are the nxt generation to run always happy and healthy…
    Ronaldo D. Nillusguin

  19. Answer: Running makes me happy because when my family run together and we makes feel healthy and strong family because i said to my kids when I and your mom going older you are the nxt generation to run always happy and healthy…
    Emily Fabros Nillusguin

  20. running makes me happy because i know that every stride i take is one step close to a new shoe. am addicted to them. im getting a pair of brooks if i win this. lol.

    name: Arvin Paredes
    preferred distance: 21km
    email address:

  21. running makes me happy because every distance i ran makes me realize how important those simple things around me… water to quench my thirst… people around me who cheers to boost my morale… the tax that i paid for the nice road that I ran to… and most especially the smile of my son who run besides me most of the time…

    gary boy mingala

  22. Finishing a race for me is like Kobe Bryant winning an NBA championship, Roger Federer capturing a major title or Manny Pacquiao kayoeing an opponent. Pushing myself to the limits make me feel like I am a super athlete like them and that definitely makes me happy.

    Richard Loresca

  23. Running relieves me of stress. It helps me focus and think about things that are going in my life. It’s my way of meditation, I can think clearer when running.

    Daniel Malangis

  24. How does running makes you HAPPY?
    -Because of i met Babe. Hi Babe!
    -Because im running with Babe and the happiness that i feel everytime i run with Babe is putting my love on top!

    The song Runaway by The Corrs can explain why Running makes me Happy.

    “Cause I have fallen in love
    With you, no never have
    I’m never gonna stop falling in love, with you

    And I would runaway
    I would runaway, yeah
    I would runaway
    I would runaway with you ”

    -Yuri Alemania


  25. I love the idea of stepping out the door, and bond with my 13yrs old nephew and nieces who’s 4, 6 & 12 yrs old every thursday and satuarday or sunday.

  26. How does running makes you HAPPY?
    Running makes me happy for a lot of reasons.

    – Saving 8 pesos each time you need to go somewhere.
    – The release from the guilt of being a slob.
    – Having a good reason to buy new shoes!
    – The appreciation of a cool after-workout shower.
    – The festive mood in running events.
    – The freebies you get after crossing the finish line.
    – The free race kits from blogsites!!

    Name: John Onofre DIzon
    Distance: 12k

  27. How does running makes you HAPPY?
    Running makes me happy because of the great rewards that come with it. I get to stay active and fit. I learned discipline in waking up and dieting. I get to inspire family and friends to join the bandwagon.

    And I love competition. I love the socialization with other runners–sharing the knowledge and experiences about the sport. We can talk about running all day.

    To make it short, NOT RUNNING makes me unhappy.

    Name: Terrence Joseph Dizon
    Distance 12k

  28. Name: Liezl Esquivel
    Distance: 6k

    –How does running make you happy?–

    Running makes me happy because of the liberty it gives my feet everytime they pound the road.

    I love the feeling of speeding past vehicles and seeing what my feet are capable of.

    It makes me smile when I’m amongst runners as if it’s a party where we share the same passion for the sport.

    It makes me happy beating my PR as if I was the first placer.

    I enjoy when I feel my heart beating like a bass drum. It’s music to my ears and it’s just invigorating!

  29. running makes me hapi 1. ito yung naging bonding ng pamilya ko, mula sa apo anak ko at mga in-laws ko. 2. ito rin ang naging way ko para makapagrelax, im working as BRGY KAGAWAD, napaka stressful ng work ko kaya pagtumatakbo ako masayang masaya ako. 3.dito lalong naging desiplinado akong tao.


    21 K

  30. How does running makes you HAPPY?
    Running makes me HAPPY because running is the most friendliest sports of all times, whether your a competitive or recreational, a runner can give a smile to each other and that what running makes me HAPPY!!!
    name:russell david
    preferred distance:6k

  31. How does running makes you HAPPY?
    Running makes me HAPPY because I feel the adrenalin rush within my body, and because running formed my body to be sexier and I feel the confidence within myself!
    preferred distance:6k

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