Top 10 Random Putik Moments @ Merrell Adventure Run 2012

Posted: June 9, 2012 by runadoboking in My Runs
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Last week’s Merrell Adventure Run will definitely leave a mark to every runner’s heart as the toughest yet the most enjoyable trail run experience ever.  It was obviously harder than I thought it would be. I was given the impression by other runners that Merrell Adventure Run is “easier” than the previous trail runs but oh man, I was fooled. This trail run is not a joke. I fell in the mud four times! I slipped in the river twice! I crawl, I climb, I was so dirty and I finished the 10K for more than 3 hours! San ka pa? lol

Anyway, I made a list of the  mostmoments of my Merrel Adventure Run, hope you like it:

10.  My VFF got MUD err… MAD at me!


I used my Vibram Five Fingers KSO Trek for this race because I have no trail shoes yet. Since my VFF is for trekking, I thought that it’ll be better to use it than a running shoe. Also VFFs are easier to clean than running shoes. On hindsight, i should’ve used another shoe because most of my falls were caused by my slippery vff. lol

9.   Idol  Sightings   

Non-Celebrity but Real idols in running: ANR Ayala Tri TLs Zalds & Gia! 😀

It is a rare chance that we see our idol runners running on the same mud with you! Gerard Pizarras , Will Devaugn & Bearwin Meiley (?) were there! 😀

8.  The River Crossing

Hindi po ako yung napaupo sa ilog. LOL

Part of the route of the Merrel Adventure Run was crossing a river. I have to say that this was one of my favorite part because its not everyday that I have to do this kind of stuff. 😀

7.  Uphills + Rains

When we get to the part when we have to climb a slippery slope using ropes, the rain started pouring! Seriously? Did Merrell organizers manipulate the weather?

This part was the scary part for me because I know that when you accidentally let of the rope, you’ll slide down to the rocky parts of the river. And it will be game over for you. lol

6.  “Required to All Runners”

Me checking out the putik tunnels. lol. Photo by Wheng Ison

There were obstacles in the route that runners were required to pass in order to finish the race: first was the tunnel where we have to pass through. The tunnel was ¼ filled with water and mud. LOL. The second was the mud crawl where obviously, runners have to crawl in the mud underneath the manmade bamboo fence.

5.  Down & Dirty

Like what I’ve said earlier, I fell down 6 times on this race! Two times during the river crossing and four times in the muddy slippery trails. It was funny and crazy. I even laugh every time I think about it. But the message was clear to me: every time you fall, you have to pick yourself up and finish the race. 😀

4.  Warriors!    

Titan & Pex Team mate Jepoy: The Injured Warrior! (photo by Ramon Abasolo)

Along the race course I saw some injured runners still pushing themselves just to finish the race. I met a woman whose toenail was removed and bleeding! I advised her to wait for a medic but she told me that she want to finish the race. Team mate Ynny’s foot was cut by a bamboo and Team Mate Jepoy got injured too. As for me, I got a couple of scars on my arms and legs.

I just hope next year, Merrel will provide more medical stations inside the trail, because we will never know the level of injury that may happen on a runner while inside the course.

3.  It’s a stick!

Pex Team mate Cath with the “stick”. lol

I never though that a random wooden stick along the course will somehow help me finish the race. On the part of the course where it was sooooooo slippery that I had a difficult time even just walkin, a stick saved me. I used it to pause and to hold in the ground when at time my vff is uncontrollably sliding down the muddy slopes. So, thank you stick!

2. The Struggle for a Shower

Cath enjoying the unisex shower. lol. Photo by Prince

I have to say that I got disappointed on the announced “Unisex Shower” after the race. After being dirty and muddy on the trail, I was expecting that there will be a shower that can really made me feel clean and fresh and all. But the shower area was so small that runners have to compete with each other in order to get cleaned. I hope Merrell will provide bigger and better shower next year. 😀

1. Runner’s Spirit

Pex Mates Abi, Jomar & Mavic! One of the last runners on the course but DETERMINED to finish the race! Congrats! 😀 Photo by: Ynnee

One of the best things I’ve witnessed during the Merrell Run Adventure is the Runner’s spirit of camaraderie and determination. I saw a lot of runner’s helping out each other on the trails. I saw injured runners still trying to finish the race. There was just this overwhelming runner’s spirit around the place that brings out the best in each runner’s ability. It was amazing! 😀

Best Support Team! haha
Special Mention to KC, Thirdy,Bert, Noah & Angie! 🙂

It was truly one of the best runs of the year for me, thanks to Merrell for the invite and to my Pinoyexchange Running Team for the Support!  See you next year! 😀

  1. cuteehcath says:

    LOL sa “enjoying the unisex shower” =D
    nwei, this is my most memorable run ever. congrats sa ating lahat. 😀

  2. ang pambansang legs says:

    gusto ko nyang masikip na shower but not unisex. share a bath and win a friend. chos!

  3. kakaiyak, special mention ako.. bakit? noisy ba? hahaha..

  4. takboprintipe says:

    Yeah go putik! Love the countdown bro. See you next year!

  5. OMG! nandito ako, now ko lang nabasa ‘to. Thanks! Run Adobo King for mentioning me on ur blog. i like the tag line:

    The injured Warrior!

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  7. batabatuta says:

    that was an awesome article. Galing!

  8. rommel says:

    Cool! Pexers’ run I see. I did mud run once and had bruises. I’ll never do that ever again. Of course, it’s can get tougher than up-the-hill runs. It’s one experience when it’s okay if you “got mud in your shoes”. 😀

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