My TBR Dream Marathon Experience: 100 Days Ago!

Posted: June 26, 2012 by runadoboking in My Runs
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Last March 18, 2012, exactly 100 days ago… The 3rd Bull Runner’s Dream Marathon organized by the The Bull Runner herself, Ms. Jaymie Pizarro commenced at Nuvali, Sta Rosa where 600 runners chased their dream of being a Marathoner. 

The TBR Dream Marathon is a one of its kind in the world because the participants of this race are first or second time marathoners. The participants of this marathon are called “Dreamers”. The dreamers will be provided with a 6-month training guide specifically designed for first time marathoners. The training guide consists of weekly run schedule, bull circles and bull sessions. Bull circles are scheduled long runs for the all the participants with expert running coaches leading the run. Bull Sessions are inspirational talks/open forums presented by different marathon experts to help the dreamer understand the sport and prepare for the marathon.


One hundred days ago, at two ‘o clock in the morning, I was at Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, standing at the starting line. I was excited, nervous and a little scared… six and a half hours later, I crossed the finish line… I was super tired but fulfilled and very proud. One hundred days ago, I made a dream come true … I became a Marathoner.

Looking back, that marathon experience showed me how amazing people can be. I felt like I was surrounded with so much positive energy that there was no reason for me to give up. It also taught me a lot about life, love, family and friendship. (Dramaaaa! lol)

Go Daves!!!! (Photo from

Go Daves!

When I saw Daves leading the race… I was genuinely happy for him. I even stopped and cheered for him. I was at Km 24 that time and he was already going back and at Km 36, I think. I was happy for Daves because I know he trained hard for this and to see him achieving his dream was such a good feeling. I dreamt of just finishing the race, Daves dreamt bigger and he was the first to finish the race. Congrats Daves! (Asan na ang treat mo pala? Haha)

YIKITIIII! (Photo from Ceres’ Fb)

Ceres’ Keso Moment

Every time I saw Ceres with her pacer Mccoy on the route, I would always tease them and greet them: Hi Ceres! Hi Mccoy! I just couldn’t NOT notice Ceres’ happiness that day. Haha. Prior to the race day, I would always tease Ceres about Mccoy and she will tell me that “no, we’re not together… blah blah” But I know that Ceres likes Mccoy and they were just maybe waiting for the right timing… True enough, Mccoy expressed his love after Ceres crossed the finish line and they became officially ON. (Yikiitiii!)

When I saw Ceres & Mccoy’s moments I realized that it would’ve been also nice if I have someone cheering and waiting for me at the finish line. I realized that it’s ok to be alone, but there are some moments that you’ll know it’ll be different if you have someone to share it with. (Keso amp!)

Photo from Dom’s Fb

Dom’s Proud Family

Dom’s whole family waited for him at the Finish line. And when Dom came in and finished the race, he gave his medal to his mom and kissed her. I saw how his family was so proud of him. That moment I felt a little jealous but was so happy for Dom…

I came in the race without my family. I decided not to bring my mom because she is a always such a “nervous mom”… and I don’t want her to be stressed of waiting for me for hours thinking something bad could’ve happened. Knowing our batch had real fast runners, I knew that my mom would worry when she’ll see runners crossing the line and after an hour or two, I’m still not there. I want to save her from that stress so that’s why no family for me at the finish line. (Next time na lang pag mabilis na ko tumakbo! hehe)

Drew the Pacer, Thirdy & Cath, the Lead Cheerers! 😀

Thank you friends!

This race made me realized that my runner friends could be my friends for life even if I’m not running anymore. I was very thankful that they were there and never made me feel alone. My teams were on full support and I truly appreciated it. Ayala Triads welcomed me with a banner & confetti on the finish line, Team HOB gave me food and drinks (Tanduay Ice! lol) right after the race and PEx Running Club cheered for me with all their hearts when I crossed the finish line! It was overwhelming and amazing feeling. Maraming Salamat po sa inyo!

Congrats Hang Out Buddies!!! 🙂

Thank you Ayala Triads!

Thank you PEx Running Club! 🙂

Life is a Marathon…

I grew up thinking that I’m a strong person, that I can do things alone and that I can be alone and still be happy. But this marathon experience taught me that  I don’t need to be alone. That being strong does not mean doing things alone. It reminded me the value of the people around me, of my family and of my friends. 🙂

Life is indeed like a marathon. You can run 42 kilometers but you would not want to do it alone. The run will be more meaningful and worth it and easy, when you share it with other people. 🙂

Tabatchoy!!! lol

Thanks for reading. See you in the road!

  1. Cybermumu says:

    hahaha nice write up! hahaha si Noel (HOB) was asking if I’ll write about my TBR Experience…baka maiyak lang ako! hahahaha anyway, thanks CJ, at least a part of my story was written here. 😀

  2. very inspiring… u were never alone and u know it! 🙂 Congrats!!

  3. treat?!? me sinabi ba ako? happy 100 days! =)

  4. cuteehcath says:

    Congratz tabatchoy 😀
    Hindi ka pa nanlilibre :p

  5. eatrunbare says:

    finally, after 100 days. hehe.
    congrats! tubatels 😀

  6. very inspiring..can’t wait for my TBR experience next year.. more power idol CJ!

  7. ariel suello says:

    gogogo.. we made our dreams come true!!!

  8. Prinz says:

    next year sali ako d2. 🙂

  9. Cybermumu says:

    Hahaha! Gusto ko ding mag-yikitiiii!!!

    Congrats to us Dreamers! Keep running!

    Kelangan maghanda ka CJ dahil ikaw magcocover ng BDM ko next year. Kasama kita all the way diba? Hahaha

  10. napsin ko lang mas payat ka dito kaysa ngayon..meaning kailangan mo na ulit mag-marathon! sabay ka na lang ulit sa batch namin.. hehehe,,,

  11. RM says:

    check out pond’s second episode of the kor-rom-com webenovela:

    thank you.

  12. Iris says:

    wow! this write-up brings back the memories during TBRDM. nice CJ. another good read. keep it coming..

  13. Zalds says:

    Congrats ulit.. ayaw mo yan sundan? hehehe.. like milo.. or maybe an ultra na sa november? keep on running CJ 😉

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