My Ideal Run United: 32K in Nuvali, Finisher’s Jacket & Photovendo

Posted: August 31, 2012 by runadoboking in My Runs
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The Unilab Run United Race is the biggest and definitely one of the best races here in our country. It is always very well organized, had good attendance and supported by most Filipino runners. Now on its third year, Run United continually improved and provided Filipino runners and their families with a quality race experience that is always worth your registration fee.

Run United always provides all the basic runner’s needs: from road safety, medical support, sufficient hydration, accurate distance & results up to the coolest finisher items, exciting post race activities, race photos and a lot of useful freebies. I’m not saying that Run United is a perfect race, we’ve seen some post-race problems before (finisher item shortage) but we’ve also seen how they solve those problems in order to improve and deliver a bigger and better Run United Race on its every installment.

Running for Love. Mark Brian Miranda was on his knees as he proposed to his long time girlfriend during the second leg of Run United held at the Mall of Asia, Pasay City.

With an almost perfect race like this, it actually feels like too much to ask for more. But there’s no harm in wishing, for these wishes might come true! So IF I will be given the chance to change or add something to the next Run United Race, here’s my wish list:

1.    Finisher’s Jacket – Three RU races a year. That’s 3 finisher shirts. Maybe we should have a Finisher’s Jacket for the 32K of RU3 instead?

2.    New Route – The RU3 must have a new route. I’m thinking of NUVALI. We have to admit it that BGC-MOA routes are not that exciting anymore.

3.    Personalized Race Bib or Unique Bib Number – Runners shall have the same bib number for the three legs with their name on it. Wala lang. Pamorma lang. Haha

4.    Consolidated Viewing of Race Results – There will be a website for the results of all three legs where you can see all your photos, race results, over all standing and ranking so that you can compare your performance with the three legs.

5.    Bring back PHOTOVENDO. 😀

What do you think runners?  If you have better ideas, feel free to leave a comment. Malay mo mabasa ni Unilab. Hehe. Happy Running! 😀

  1. cuteehcath says:

    gusto ko ung photovendo saka finisher’s jacket. pero sana meron kahit 10k finishers. hahaha. :))

  2. Craig Logan says:

    Wish #2 Below….Yes, Yes, and AMEN! A new route!!!

    J Blessings, Craig

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  4. thirdy lopez says:

    Natuwa pa din ako sa MOA-BGC route…. Ambaho lang talaga sa Manila…

    BGC – Ayala – Makati naman… LOL

  5. bot says:

    finisher’s jacket for all finishers 🙂

  6. raithen says:

    finisher’s jacket..mas ok un..3 finisher’s shirt na nga naman..saka ung race bib next Run United series..mas maganda ung may name nga..para mas unique..sama mo na rin kami sa pangarap mo..tnx….

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