Columbia Eco Trail Run Pinatubo Newsflash

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Columbia Eco Trail Run Pinatubo Newsflash – Pre Race Briefing Minutes:

October 13, 2012
3:00 AM – Departure going to Clark (Meeting Place: R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street)
5:00 AM – Arrival In Clark

For participants with free bus rides:
Contact Person: Gilbert – 09239771790

For those who availed of the shuttle service of Pinatubo Tours:
Contact Person: Boyet Otchoy – (02)5462056, 09174010917, 09497655555

Race Information:
VENUE: Clark Expo Filipino/Nayong Filipino Clark SEZ, Pampanga
5:00 AM – A few reminders from the race director
10:00 AM – Cut off time (Sweeping for all categories)
10:15 AM – Awarding

Gun Start
5:30 AM – 25K
5:45 AM – 12K
6:15 AM – 5K

What to bring:
• Personal Hydration System
• Head lamp (25km)

• Trail running shoes
• Cap/Hat
• Long sleeve shirts/Pants
• Sun screen
• Lightweight Jacket/Poncho
• Energy Bars/Gels/Food
• Ziplock/Waterproof bag
• Running Gaiters

Rules and Regulations:
• Runners may run, walk or crawl.
• The Race course will be marked by directional signs, and kilometer signages. Runners are responsible for (a) staying on the course; (b) slowing down to pay attention to the course markings or the absence of course markings; and (c) making reasonable assumptions and decisions with regard to the direction of the course (follow the river). Runners who remove or change the location/direction of course markings will be disqualified. Marshals will be positioned along the course to assist the runners.
• No late runners will be allowed to run 15 minutes after the gun start of their respective races.
• A Cut off time of 4 hours for the whole race will be implemented. Runners on the course after the cut off time will be picked up by the race vehicles and transported to the finish line.
• All runners are required to have the proper loop band when they cross the finish line, no loop band means disqualification from the race.
• Littering along the race course is strictly prohibited.
• It is the runner’s responsibility to maintain adequate hydration. Organizers will provide refilling stations along the course. No cups will be provided so bring your own hydration system.
• The race course may be changed due to weather and safety hazards. The race organizers reserves the right to add, modify, cancel or change the course at any time.

Race Route

• Failure to adhere to race official’s instructions on safety will result in immediate disqualification of the runner.

• This is an eco friendly event, each participant is required to bring their own hydration pack/bottle.
• The bus (offered to the first 20 registrants) will leave exactly at the appointed time. Late individuals will be left behind.
• Race will start and end in Clark, Pampanga (Nayon Pilipino).
• The race will not reach the crater of Mt Pinatubo. It will be held along the river which is the first time a race will be held.

Too bad, we won’t be able to reach Mt. Pinatubo’s crater…

• There will be race marshals and signages along the trail but if anyone gets confused, just follow the river.
• Expect to get wet, more than 90% of the trail will be on water and lahar sand. The water will not be very deep though, and the course is also virtually flat (minimal elevation).
• Loop bands will be given to runners to signify that they’ve officially reached their corresponding U-turn points; loop bands will be color coded per category.
• Water on the river is not drinkable because of the sand, but sulfur content is low.
• Free bus rides are non-transferable. It will be given to the first 20 people who registered in each Columbia branch. If anyone cancels, it will automatically be given to the 21st registrant.
• Participants who are included in the free bus rides should bring their ID for certification. Pick-up point will be at R.O.X.
• Only participants who got free bus rides are allowed to join the bus. Friends and/or family may take the Pinatubo tours round trip package of P550.00 per person.
• There is a parking area near the event venue.
• We do not encourage camping within the event area for security reasons.
• In case of unfriendly weather, we will be cancelling the event. Everyone will be advised of the cancellation 1 week before the event and will be rescheduled to November 24, 2012.
• Finishers of all categories will be receiving a finisher’s medal made of clay.
• For the Pinatubo tours, pick-up will be at ROX. But a group of 10 people can ask for pick-up at a location of their preference.
• Cut-off time of 4 and ½ hours shall be implemented. Those who are still not finished will be picked up by the marshals’ vehicle but a bit of leniency will be extended to those who are near the finish line.

For other updates and announcements, please refer to Columbia’s Facebook fanpage:

See you at Mt. Pinatubo! 😀

  1. cuteehcath says:

    excited na ako…. excited sa medal na clay. hahahaha =))

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