McHappy Day Fun Run 2012

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MCHAPPY DAY FUN RUN 2012 Race Details:
Date: December 2, 2012
Venue: Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill, Taguig City
Events: 1k/3k Children/3k Family/5k/10k

MCHAPPY DAY FUN RUN 2012 Race Mechanics:

1. 3k Family Run:
Participants of the family run should be composed of four (4) members: 2 adults (13 years old and up) and 2 kids (6-12 years old).
The family is invited/encouraged to be in a costume.
Total family time will be calculated.
2. 3k and 5k Individual Categories:
Individual participants for the 3K and 5K are encouraged to be in their best head-dress for the hat parade.
3. 1k Run:
Kid participants for the 1K dash are also encouraged to jazz up their bib.
4. There will be aid stations in the race course but all runners are encouraged to be self-sufficient regarding hydration and nutrition.
5. There will be podium finishers for all categories.
6. Age requirements
Age of child should be his/her age on the race day.
Individual participants of 10K must be at least 15 years old on race day.
Participants under 18 years old must have a parent or guardian sign the registration form.

MCHAPPY DAY FUN RUN 2012 Registration Details:

1. Registration Period/Sites:
ONLINE : October 17 to November 23 at

a. Oct.22-Nov. 28 at the following:
RUNNR Bonifacio HIgh Street
McDonald’s Katipunan
McDonald’s Forbestown
McDonald’s Greenbelt
McDonald’s Greenhills

b. Nov. 15- Nov. 28 at the following:
McDonald’s Eastwood
McDonald’s Lucky Chinatown
McDonald’s New Port

2. Registration Fee (non-refundable):
1k – Php 250
3k family – Php 800
3k kid – Php 650
10k (15yrs old+) – Php 850

3. Registration Fee Inclusions:
McHappy Day Fun Run Race Kit:
1 Race Bib (4 Bibs per Race Kit for 3K Family Category)
McHappy Day Reminders with Route Map, Parking and Activity Area
Meal Stub: Food can only be claimed and distributed at venue on the race day itself (6am onwards) and not in any McDonald’s Store.
Baggage Stub
McMoney for Fair Activities

NOTE: Incomplete Application Forms and/or unsigned waivers will not be accepted or considered registered to participate in the race. McDonald’s reserves the right to prevent a participant from actually participating in the race as it may deem necessary.

1K Map

3K Map

5K Map

10K Map

MCHAPPY DAY FUN RUN 2012 Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes this event different from last year?
Breakfast will be given after the race. There will be fun pit stops during the race and celebrities will join too. What’s great about this event is that you can run with your desired costumes or headdress for the costume and headdress contest. Costumes must be related to each other (e.g. Goldilocks and 3 bears) while for 3k and 5k is the headdress parade. There will be prizes for those who’ll grab Best in Costumes and Best in Headdress. Ronald Mcdonald will join the kids as they run. And lastly, there will be Mcmoneys which will be used as your ticket for all the games, activities and photobooth available at the Piazza.

Are there any fun activities after the event? What are these?
Yes. We have Face painting, Glitter Tattoo, Balloon Twisting, Arcade games like basketball, Bowling. We also have food stalls and photobooth for that picture perfect moment.

Will there be baggage counters?
Yes. It will be located at the parking lot in-line with the changing tents.

Will there be changing tents?
Yes. It will be located at the parking lot in-line with the baggage counter.

Why is it expensive?
It is Mcdonalds advocacy to help less fortunate children learn how to read. A percentage of your registration fee will be allotted for the Bright Minds Read program which will then educate the children how to read. Plus, a lot of freebies will be given away. There will be free breakfast and a lot more.

Do senior citizens get a discount?
No, the McHappy day is a fund raising activity for its flagship program Bright Mind Reads. It is not covered by the goods against which a Senior Citizen may apply the 20% discount.

For the family run, should we be related to each other? Or can a group of friends be considered to join?
Whether you are related or not, you can form a group of 4 members to join 3k family run. Don’t forget to wear your best costumes for the event as this will entitle you to get a chance to win a prize.

For inquiries, email:

  1. I like to join with my family.

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