Conquering Cavitex @ 711 Run800

Posted: January 21, 2013 by runadoboking in My Runs
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After almost five months of waiting, The 711 Run 800 finally pushed trough last January 20, 2013, with the participation of thousands of runners, who for the very first time in Philippine running history, got the chance to run in Coastal Road and Cavite Express Way (CavitEx). The race was rescheduled twice last year, due to severe weather conditions, which delayed the road construction on some parts of Cavitex.

This race was my first half marathon for the year. I was not expecting to break my PR. I was just excited to run in a new route. Running in Cavitex was on my to-run list, I pass by this area everyday and it was just nice to stop there, and feel the ground and most of all to run.


Wala pang tao!

I came to the race venue with Thirdy & Noel. Thirdy is running the 16K category as part of his preparation for the biggest race of his life: TBR 2013, where he will be the next champion, following the barefootsteps of our idol, Daves. Noel, on the other hand, is doing a comeback run after being injured from his very memorable-worth-blogging-race-experience: RUPM 2012. Please visit his blog for more details. Haha. 🙂

The parking was a bit far from the starting line. I thought it was near the events area but it was all the way to the next block. While we were walking, we just realized that the 21K runners already started. Noel & I ran to the starting line but the runners left already. Haha.

The race started and Noel decided to pace with me. He said he would just do an easy pace as he was just recovering from an injury.

Photo by Laura Quesada

It was my first 21K after a month of no running at all. I did 5K & 10K the week before, but still 21K is another story. I know that somewhere down the road (lol), I would have to  stop and walk, and Noel had to go on, because I know that his easy pace is my race pace already.

“You have no right to walk until after 5K” Noel told me. Haha. I think I can do that, but after 5K, it will be a test of patience for him. 😀

We ran the first 5K and skip all the hydration stations. It was dark along that part of Macapagal Blvd., Noel even used his flashlight while we were running.

We reached the Coastal Road Toll Gate and we took photos of ourselves. Lol. I started running/walking after that. I told Noel to continue running but my strict pacer did not want to. We continue running up to Cavitex. Told him that after the 21K U Turn, mauna na sya, pero ayaw pa din. Pwes, bahala sya. Haha


I’m tired and Noel became my photographer. Lol

After 16K, I did more walking and Noel had gone crazy. Haha. Here are some quotable quotes from the Deemen Runner:

“Nakakahiya sa mga jeepney drivers, makikita tayo naglalakad”

“Cj, takbo na tayo maaabutan na tayo ni ________, ipagyayabang nya yon”

“Ang ganda ganda ng sapatos mo, ilalakad mo lang?”

“Cj, takbo na tayo or else magpapasagasa ako dito” — PANALO ‘to! Wahaha!

It was the first time I ran with the Deemen runner from start up to the end of the race. It was so laughable to see him in different moods. Haha. 🙂  It was a sure test of patience for him, being a fast runner and a brat that he is. But he decided to ran/walk with me through out the race so palakpakan po natin sya! Haha. *clap clap clap*

We crossed the finish line after 2 hours & forty seven minutes on my watch. I was surprised to see the last wave of 3k runners still just about to start. I didn’t expect that there will be a huge amount of runners for this race. It was indeed a successful race.


May tao na! 🙂

The events area was filled with runners lining up for different freebies and loots. Ice cream, soft drinks, energy drinks, coffee, donuts, magazines, anything you see in 711 store, they had it during post race and it’s for free!

The 711 Run800 was a great race to start this year and truly worth the wait. This is too early to say, but I think 711 Run 800 is going to be the race to beat for this year and will surely be the one the best running events I joined so far.


First 21K medal for 2013!!!

Congratulations to the organizers and to all the finishers of the race!

  1. Thirdy Lopez says:

    Barefoot Daves? IDOL!!!

  2. deemenrunner says:

    excuse me?! i’m not a brat! hahahaha! hindi ako nangiiwan tulad ng isang blogger na itago na lang natin sa pangalang “speedytitan”. lol!

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