Run, Swim, Fun @ Subic International Marathon 2013

Posted: January 31, 2013 by runadoboking in My Runs
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It was a busy January for my running career (naks career!) as I ended the month with my 4th race and 2nd half marathon for 2013: Subic International Marathon, last January 27, at Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Olongapo City.

My PEX Running Team mates joined me on the race which made this month ender more exciting and fun.  Rodel & I  joined the 21K category, Kay, Cat, Enrich & Frances  for the 10K and Yuri, Mon & Nollie just went there to show support… err just wanted to go the beach. Lol

Team PEx

Team PEx


We left Manila at 2am and we got there around 4am, just in time for the gun start of the 42K runners. I was actually surprised for a very short travel time.

The half marathon started 4:30am. I wasn’t sure if I was ready but I wanted to finish early. I think I was more excited to go swimming after the race. 😀

I ran alone this time. No running buddy. No pacer. No Deemen Runner. Haha

Photo from SIM FB Page

The first 4K of the route felt like MOA to me. I was running and I felt like, there has to be more from this, this is Subic International Marathon! This isn’t just a regular Sunday race! Haha

After 5K, I found what I’ve been looking for. The road was beautiful. The route was scenic. You’ll run along the bay, green fields, hills surrounded with trees! It was literally running with nature. You’ll hear birds chirping and there were even bats flying over your head. The hills were killers but you wouldn’t mind walking. It was a good run.

And while I was enjoying the route, I saw some of runner friends: Titan Mark Labeeeet, Allan RFM & Barefootdaves, already on their way back. Lol

SIM 2013

Rodel, Cat, Cj, Kay, Enrich

I reached the 21K U turn after 1 hour & 30 minutes. My mind said:  “Oh no!” Lol

I took advantage of the downhills and ran back to the finish line as fast as I could. I met Ivan with the Running Divas going up the hills, I told them “malapit na” but the truth was malayo pa. 😀

The sun was up already and it was very hot and humid. And that is really my weakness. I can’t run continuously in that situation. I did a lot of walking until I reached the finish line. It was almost 3 hours. Sorry guys. Haha.

After I crossed the finishline, a lady asked me to write my name and address on sheet of paper. (Seriosuly!?!). The dog tags for 21K finishers were out of stock and they promised to just deliver it.

I met with my Pex Running Team. We had breakfast and drove our way to Dungaree beach. The fun was just about to start. Yay!


Swimming @ Dungaree Beach Resort

We stayed at the beach until 2pm I think. W e went back to Harbor Point to eat before heading back to Manila. It was a fun experience. Hopefully we can join again next year.

Congratulations to all the finishers & organizers!  🙂


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