Sleepless in Alabang – Condura Skyway Marathon 2013

Posted: February 15, 2013 by runadoboking in My Runs
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Two hours before the event, I was at my friend’s house celebrating the birthday of one of my high school bffs’ birthday! Happy birthday Derick! 🙂

Pizza party before the race! lol

This wasn’t the first time I ran without sleep BUT this was the first I ran a half marathon without sleep. Walking Dead  lang! Haha. Part of me didn’t want to run anymore but I just felt that I’ve waited for this, we all waited for this, so I had to be there. I just told myself to run at ease, listen to my body carefully and walk if I had to. I just couldn’t miss this event. Condura Skyway Marathon is one of the annual events that all of us runners look forward to.

I was part of 21K Wave A runners so our gun start is the earliest among the 21K runners. I met up (again) with my runner/blogger friends Thirdy & Noel before the race. We were all in Wave A. Naks! Elite kunwari.

We were there early. I witnessed the events area from being empty to jam-packed. One by one, my team mates from Pex Running Club arrived. I think this was the race where our team had the most number of runners joining the half marathon category.

Pexers Eugene & JC were also in Wave A with me & Thirdy. Noel had to wait for Rolly for his socks. There was a separate story about that socks but I’ll just let Noel blog about that. Haha.

And then there were fireworks!!! And the race began…

Photo from the Condura FB Page

I started the race with Thirdy & JC. I felt I was doing ok because I was able to run with Thirdy’s pace but I don’t know how long can I maintain that. After 5K, Thirdy agreed to do a 3-1 galloway, we lost JC because of that. Haha

The uphills of the skyway were tricky, it’s like uphill – flat – uphill. That’s what I felt, I kept on waiting for the downhill part but its all going up. It was crazy and tiring. I just told myself that after the U turn it will be all down hills and that would be great.

On the other side of the skyway were 42K runners who were already going to the finish line. Some, I was thrilled to see, others made my eyes roll. Haha. I saw some familiar faces and cheered them on, but they didn’t hear me. Either they were so focused or just tired or maybe they intentionally ignore me. lol

Before we reached the U turn, we saw The Deemen Runner Noel with his shiny shimmering arm band reflector, already on his way back. Following him was The Bull Runner, Ms. Jamie Pizzaro and Celebrity Runner Christine Jacob. O di ba mga sikat? haha

The Shining Deemen Runner (Photo from Noel’s FB)

Thirdy & I continued our 3-1 galloway even after the U turn, We ran on downhills and walked the uphills. On our way back to the finish line, saw a lot of Pexers who were on the later waves catching up on us.

We cope up with the marathoners who were already walking their way to the finish line. I got jealous so I walked too. Haha. In kilometer 19, I got my second wind and Thirdy and I ran the next two kilometers. It was a great feeling. We over took a lot of walkers from the lower category. Feel na feel ko ang pagtakbo nun. Lol.

We finished the race with the time of 2:48, not bad for a fat boy who did not sleep. Lol

We went to the Condura Village to take some photos and get some freebies. There was free cornetto ice cream for all finishers which made me really happy. Haha.

Team PEx (Photo by Cuteeh Cat)

Over all, Condura Skyway Marathon 2013 was a great race. It was better than last year and better that what I was expecting. The waves were perfectly executed which gave all the runners enough space in the skyway during the run and in the village after the race. There were no long lines and flooding because of the implementation of wave system. I hope more races will do the same.

Congratulations to all the finishers and to the Condura Skyway Team! 🙂

  1. deemenrunner says:

    wala namang ibblog about sa socks! walaaaaa! hahahaha! favorite ko to: “We cope up with the marathoners who were already walking their way to the finish line. I got jealous so I walked too. Haha.” hangkulet!!!

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