Run United 1 2013: My 10th RU Race!!!

Posted: April 4, 2013 by runadoboking in My Runs
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Last March 17, Unilab’s Run United continued to draw thousands of runners as the first leg of the prestigious Runrio Trilogy 2013 commenced at SM Mall of Asia Complex. Run United really has this something that keeps all these runners running back again and again and again.

As for myself, this is my 10th Run United Race (Whaaat?!?), the very first was way back in 2010, when I joined the Leg 3 of Runrio Trilogy: Run United 2 (10K). By 2011, I joined 4 Unilab races: Run United 1 (10K), Run United 2 (10K), Run United 3 (32K) & Run United Cebu (10K). I promised myself to become part of the “Trilogy Awards Night” the next year so last year, 2012, I joined 4 races again: Run United 1 (21K), Run United 2 (21K), Run United 3 (32K) and RUPM (42K). That gave me a ticket to the much awaited Runrio Trilogy Awards night which will happen on April 6, at SMX.

I ran the 21K distance again and I’m hoping to complete this year’s trilogy (21-32-42). The race started earlier that the usual gun start. At 4am, the 21K runners were already off to conquer the roads of Pasay, Manila and Makati.

I decided to run alone this leg, no pacer, no running buddy only because I know I’ll be doing a lot of walks because of lack of training. My last run before this race was actually Condura Skyway HM which happened last February 3.


On my way to the starting line, I met my Pex team mate & Ayala Triad Eugene. We ran the first 4 kilometers of the race. I had my first walk when we reach the narrow street of Leveriza Buendia.

There were so many runners that day, but surprisingly, there were very few familiar faces. I don’t know what happened but old runner friends were missing in action that morning.

I reached Mayapis St. and I saw HOB team mate Kit Atienza & Deemen Runner Noel already on their way back. Sila na mabibilis! Haha

It was a continuous run-walk for me. I reached 10K mark at 1:10 which made me felt that I’m just doing it right.

The race route was a little different this time, after the Makati route, you’ll go back to Macapagal Blvd up to Coastal Mall before you go back to MOA. Luneta & CCP were not part of the route this time, no flyovers.

I continued my run walk strategy. After 12K, I started seeing familiar faces. Kamote Runner, Jet Paiso & Bobby Cruise were there running the 21K category too.

At 16K, I saw Teacher Cheryl and we ran together for a while. We checked the time and its 2 hours already. We jokingly said that we still have 1 hour for the last 5K. Haha. Both of us were targeting just a sub3 for this race.

On the last 3K, I saw my officemate s Andrea, Homer & Jenny rushing their way to the finish line. They were also taking photos. Haha

All categories merged at the last kilometers of the race so it was hard to look for friends anymore. Haha. I lost teacher Cheryl and I ran alone up to the finish line.

I finish the race at 2:48, unofficial time. I got my medal, finisher shirt and my loot bag which contains a towel (yehey!), sun visor, small can of century tuna and some sample products from Unilab. I met with my Pex Running Team after the race for breakfast. 🙂

Unilab Run United delivered a great race and I think that’s the reason why runners continually support this race every leg and every year. When I run this race, I don’t worry about hydration or medical assistance. I just feel safe and comfortable in all Run United race. They already made a mark and a brand of quality races in the Philippine running community.

Congratulations to all the finishers and see you all in Run United 2! 🙂




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