Xtreme Run @ Salomon Xtrail Run 2013

Posted: April 9, 2013 by runadoboking in My Runs
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First of all, I would like to thank Salomon Pilipinas and Primer Group of Companies esp. to the always beautiful & sexy, Ms. Laira Legaspi, for giving me the opportunity to take part in the most technical trail run of the country, the Salomon X Trail Run 2013, held last March 23, at Hamilo Coast, Nasugbu, Batangas.

Salomon X Trail Run offered three distances, 24K, 12K & 6K. Being an adventurous and a challenge seeker that I am, I chose to join the 6K category. Haha. Don’t get me wrong, the 6K category was already a challenge for me. I don’t usually climb mountains so I know it’ll be extra difficult for a simple road runner like me. I can do 12K & 24K on the road anytime but not anywhere. This was a mountain run! As some would always say, “Respect the distance”, but since I’m not a fan of that phrase, let me just say “Respect the mountain”. Haha.


And so I joined the 6K road + trail category together with my friends from Pex Running Club: Cat, Kc, Thirdy, Yuri, Lee & Rodel. Kay joined the 12K category and Bata Batuta, ran the 24K mountain run (*claps*). Mj & Gf were also there to support.

Since I was part of the group who did the test run, weeks before the event, I already know what to expect on the route. I know it will be hilly, rocky and deadly. Lol. I could say that I was mentally prepared and physically… fat. Lol.

All of us started the race together but immediately lost each other at the hilly roads of Hamilo Coast. Rodel took an early lead while KC & I paced until we reached the trails. Thirdy and Lee were just right behind us and Cat & Yuri were trailing while enjoying the view and taking lots of pictures.

Kc & I, ran-walked the uphills and ran the whole downhills of the road. I told him that it will be better to enter the trail in the front of the pack because everyone will almost walk once they reach the trail. True enough, there was a long queue of runners trying to climb that first part of the trail. The trail was too narrow for two runners to go up side by side. It was a single of line or runners and no one could overtake.


Trail runners in action! lol

The trail leading to the cliff was one hell of a route. It felt like forever going down and up of that part of the route. I literally had to stop to catch my breath. We found Rodel resting on the u turn. We took some pictures and from there we ran together until almost the finish line.

On our way up to that freaking trail, we saw Lee & Thirdy catching up on us. Still no sighting of Cath & Yuri, during that time.

The three of us, continued to conquer (naks!)  the last part of trails and reached the finish line with the time of 1:20++  minutes. It was the most difficult trail run I had so far. Now I know the meaning of “the most technical race”. Haha.

After the race, participants were given cold Gatorade and free breakfast. Runners can choose from chicken, pork or fish meal.  There were also loot bags for all finishers of the race.


Post race: Congrats Bata Batuta & Kay Yabut! 🙂

We rested under a tree while waiting for Bata Batuta who ran the 24K category. After so many hours (lol). We saw Bata crossing the finish line and he made it to the cut off! We were so proud of him. Also, Kay placed 4th on the 12K – female. Good job Pex Runners!

Salomon X trail run proved on this race that they are really the most technical trail run. They also taught me that trail run is not for the weak, You really have to prepare and train hard for it. I am truly proud to all the finishers of the race especially the 24 category. Hats off to all of you.


Congratulations guys and hope to see you again next year!!!

 Photos c/o Cat, Mj & Thirdy. 🙂

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