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Posted: June 16, 2013 by runadoboking in My Runs
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After my grueling half marathon at Unilab  Run United 2,  I signed up for another race to serve as my recovery run: the Alaska World Milk Day Run. Alaska World Milk Day Run is the culminating event of  World Milk Day, celebrated worldwide headed by Alaska. This time, i  joined the 10k category, together with my runner-blogger-friends Noel & Junjun. 🙂


Pre race: Noel, Cj & Junjun

I could not remember the last time i joined a 10k race, it’s like always had to be 21k for me. I don’t know if  its because of peer pressure, or for the medal, for the experience or pride or maybe for all of those reasons. That’s why when i joined this race, it was less stressful for me. I know i can perform well, i know i will not be on the back of the pack, and  i know i can almost run the entire course.

Alska World Milk Day Starting Line

The race started on time.  I had a good feeling about the race. I know it will be a good run for me. It was not that crowded, the participants were a combination of competitive and fun runners.  There was no pressure and nervousness, i just felt safe and comfortable upon the start of the race which was a good thing.  Since Noel & Junjun are fast runners, i know that i’ll be running the race alone, which is just ok for me. 🙂

Along the race, I saw Cheryl, Rod & Rikki. I ran with Cheryl & Rikki along the Kalayaan Flyover but it was Rod who ran with me almost all throughout the course. We ran and walked, overtook some runners and crossed the finish line together.


Crossing the 10K finishline with Rodrunner

After the race, i realized how cool it was to run a 10k race. Back in 2010, i always ran the 10k category. It was a whole year round of 10k races before i jumped to the half marathon category.  It was a great experience! It was fun to finish the race with still so much energy, with so much time to enjoy the race village and most of all to finish the race proud and happy with your performance. I think i’ll be running more 10K  races soon. 🙂

Here’s a quick review about the race:

  • The race village was well organized! No hassle in claiming your lootbag &  falling in lines.
  • The race photos were amazing! Good job Photo Ops! 🙂
  • New 10K route! Challenging uphills!
  • Awesome goodies at the loot bags! 🙂
  • Enough number of participants! Not too crowded,  not too few.

Post race with fellow runner-bloggers! Rod, Noel, Junjun, Cj, Rikki, Jham & Wifey, & THE RFM.

Over all, it was a fun event. Hassle free, stress free and most importantly, injury free! 😀 It was truly an event full of good times with my fellow runner blogger friends! Kwentuhan & kulitan after the race! That’s what i missed from my previous races and thanks to Alaska World Milk Day Run for making me feel good about running again. I truly needed that. Haha. 🙂

Congratulations to all the finishers of the race! And thanks to Sunrise, Eventking & Alaska for bringing us the event and Photo Ops for the photos! Till next race! 🙂

Here’s the official Press Release:

June 1 is World Milk Day!  As the leading milk company in the Philippines that provides Filipino families superior and affordable nutrition, Alaska Milk Corporation spearheads the first ever celebration of World Milk Day in the country.

The Alaska World Milk Day provides a great opportunity to reinforce importance of drinking milk and healthy lifestyle and bring it at the forefront of consumer awareness. And with the series of exciting activities lined up for the World Milk Day, Alaska Milk encourages children and adults alike to get into the habit of drinking milk and engage into sports activities to achieve optimum health.


Allow us to share with you some alarming health problems.  Nutrition disorders such as malnutrition and obesity are particularly rampant with children. They interfere with the child’s growth and development which could lead to serious health problems. Based on a 2008 survey of the World Health Organization (WHO), more than one in ten adults are obese. Obesity and being overweight are the fifth leading risk for global deaths. And what is alarming is that even children are experiencing overweight issues as nearly 43 million children are overweight based 2010 WHO data.

In another study conducted by the  Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI), a survey was initially conducted among Pre-school children, adolescents, adults, pregnant and lactating mothers. The objectives were to assess the nutritional status of 0-10 years old children, 11-19 years olds, pregnant and lactating women, and other adults 20 years and over using anthropometric indicators of growth and to compare results from previous surveys.  Again, results show that there is a problem on malnutrition which is a condition resulting from lack of or excess of one or more essential nutrients.

Common nutritional problems of Filipino children include protein-energy malnutrition, iron deficiency anemia, vitamin A deficiency disorders and iodine deficiency disorders. Side by side with these forms of undernutrition is overnutrition.


So how can we assure that our children are well-nourished?  One must never skip breakfast and a good breakfast is one that provides about 1/3 of the total energy and nutrient requirements of the child. Children should be encouraged to drink milk with a well-balanced breakfast combined with physical activities like walking, running, dancing, swimming, housework and sports in and out of school.

June 2013 marks the milestone of the first-ever Alaska World Milk Day.  Various exciting activities were lined-up to celebrate and promote good health!  The celebration kicked off last  June 1 with the Alaska IronKids Run Race in SM Mall Of Asia (IMAX Parking Area) and the Alaska World Milk Day Sampling in Glorietta Malls.  June 9 witnessed Alaska World Milk Day Family Run where more than 3,000 participants raced at 3k, 5k, 10k.  As early as 4am, families gathered at the Bonifacio Global City in preparation for the run.Families ran and crossed the finish line together making the event a great family bonding opportunity!  Aside from the race, children also had fun in the booths and activity area such as the inflatable, trampoline and joust. The 10k category proved to be more challenging as the race course included the Buendia flyover.More than 3,000 participated in the fun run which translated to a donation of more than 3,000 packs of Alaska Powdered Milk Drink to the Children’s Hour which was represented by Ms. Mikki Montenegro, Marketing and Communications Associateof Children’s Hour.  As in previous events, there was also the Alaska milk moustache photo shoot where everyone eagerly participated in.

The success of the Alaska World Milk Day celebrations were made possible  with the support ofAyala Malls, Solar Sports, Basketball TV, Solar News, Akari nxled, Glorietta, Gatorade, Downy, BGC, Walter Bread, and Maynilad and Children’s Hour as the beneficiary.

For more information about Alaska World Milk Day, visit, For live tweets and updates follow us at @ALASKAsportshub

  1. Thirdy Lopez says:

    10k next week! 🙂

  2. Roland says:

    mag 10k na rin kaya ako?

  3. Zalds says:

    uyy, ok din mag 10K pa-minsan minsan ha. Kung nabo-bored kayo sa distance, try gunning for sub 1hr PR, then 55mins, then 50mins, then sub-Piolo. You’ll see how challenging its gonna be 😀

    Nice meeting you guys, til next race 😉

  4. runadoboking says:

    tama sir zalds! see you next race!

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