Karera Lakas Pilipinas: Tibay ng Marino, Lakas ng Pilipino – Aug. 25, 2013

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If you think you’re tough enough to do the challenges in the video!,  eh di Ikaw na! Sali na! 🙂

This race is so hardcore:! KARERA LAKAS PILIPINAS, is  a race that simulates marine life in the operational area and will let you experience Philippine Marine Corps actual training grounds  and training drills.

Karera Lakas Pilipinas Race Details
Date: August 25, 2013
Venue: Ternate, Cavite
Events: Astig, Bangis, Bayani

The Astig (5k run with 20 obstacles)  The Bangis  (Swim, bike & run with obstacle course) & The Bayani (Special category for the uniformed personnel).

The Astig category will challenge you to surpass  20 obstacles on a 5 kilometer course.  Saw the video? That’s the exact same obstacles! . The group category for this is called The Kapatiran.

The Bangis category will give  you “a taste of the Marine’s amphibious assault in the 200 meter swim from a rubber boat to the shore followed by the adrenaline pumping 10km bike. Then finally, run with might to escape the 5 km jungle like obstacles that the marines actually traverse in real battle.”

The Bayani is a special category for the military personnel, so that civilians can have a shot on winning. Haha. 🙂

Karera Lakas Pilipinas Registration Details:

Registration Period:  June 15 –  August 15

Online Registration:  http://www.lakaspilipinas.com/registration/


The race is  for the WOUNDED WARRIOR’S RECOVERY and REINTEGRATION PROGRAM of the PMC, a program that gives hope and future to the unsung heroes: the battle casualty marines. This also aims to rehabilitate the Warrior’s Grill Obstacle Course, the training ground of the Philippine Marine Corps in MARINE BASE GREGORIO LIM in Ternate, Cavite.

KLP_Poster Registration

For more details & updates:

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/kareralakaspilipinas

Website:  http://www.lakaspilipinas.com/

  1. John d says:

    Yan ang MAAPer marines na marines ang dating…Yun lang Private School kasi..!

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