Takbo.ph Runfest: Reunion of the Pioneers!

Posted: July 15, 2013 by runadoboking in My Runs
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Last Sunday, Takbo.ph celebrated their 5th year anniversary together with thousands of loyal and new runners who shared one common passion:  love of running! 🙂


Beep beep!


It was three years ago when I joined takbo.ph, the first and the biggest online running community in the country. I signed up under the name of xjxj, short for xtianj. 🙂

Some of the most popular takbo.ph usernames I remember interacting with: manokan, cybermumu, purplesuitcasemom, papa_racs, gingerbreadman, argo, 42@forty, jrgaring, neoren, bee_yen, pojee, nightfall, barefootdaves, iamnoah, kokocrunch, eena, kumander bungo, cereal killer etc.


some of the takbo.ph pioneers: ceres, allan, jet, aileen 🙂

I was new to running and I don’t have any runner friend before that’s why I always visit the site for running tips, race schedules and to read other runners’ race experiences, in which the site, never failed me. I’ve learned a lot from here and I also met people who became my friends until now. For that, I would like to thank takbo.ph (naks! Pengeng jacket! lol)

That Black & Blue Singlet

This is my second run fest participation. I missed the run fest 2010 and will forever regret not having the black and blue takbo.ph singlet. That singlet has this certain angas look everytime I see some runners wearing it. I feel envious! I felt like they are the xmen first class and I’m a newbie mutant. Lol. That’s why I secretly hated Teacher Cheryl when we ran together last Sunday as she was wearing that blue singlet, and I’m with the new edition red singlet. It was not a good feeling. Lol

blue singlet

i hate you guys!!! lol

Reunion of the Pioneers

For me, the highlight of this event is the gathering of old runners and friends, who in some way or another already parted ways but still connected to each other because of the passion to run. It was delightful to see old team mates being present again after a month or a year of hiatus.


Team HOB! 🙂

Our HOB team, which was formed because of the Hang Out thread in takbo.ph forums, were present to show support. Some of us were marshals of the event while the others ran the 21K category. We came with our official HOB singlets and cheered & waited for the last runner to crossed the finishline: our one and only barefoot running mommy: Evelyn Lopez. Congrats Mommy Eve! 🙂


Team Kamote Runners! 🙂

Team Kamote Runners was also there celebrating their anniversary! Their team was formed when their pioneer members volunteered during the 2010 Runfest. They were all wearing orange, their team’s official color and they were very nice they shared yummy sopas & cakes to their fellow volunteers of the event. Good job & happy anniversary Team Kamote!

7k Fun Run

I was not able to complete the whole 21K race. I came in late during the event so I just decided to join the 10k runners and ran the last 7K of the 21k route. I could have just stayed at home and sleep, but I just don’t want to miss the event and the opportunity to see old runner friends again. It was a short 7k run, but it was so great to see old friends giving you high fives along the course.


Friends from PEx, Team Titans & Team Alpha 1. No 21K medal for me but i’m keeping the shirt for souvenir. Haha

Aylab Photo Ops!

Again, good job for Photo Ops! Great photos! I hope they will be present in all of our races! Calling the peeps of Run United, Men’s Health Urbanathlon, Safeguard 2Xu and other upcoming races! Get ’em! Haha. 🙂 Thank you Photo Ops & Takbo.ph for the photos!

Mabuhay Takbo.ph!!!

Congratulations and thank you Jinoe & Que of takbo.ph for a very successful event and for your recent win at the Globe Tatt Awards!!! I’m a proud and grateful takbo.ph member. See you in the road soon! 🙂


Congrats guys! Next year ulit! 🙂

  1. grabe lang ung hate dahil sa blue singlet! hahaha! buti nga kasya pa sakin kala ko hindi na at nakatago na lang yan sa cabinet. hehe!

    ikaw na ang maraming affiliations! iba ka talaga, RAK!

  2. Racs Salcedo says:

    great to see everyone again! thanks CJ for this write-up! kudos to Takbo.ph! HAPPY RUNNINGVERSARY TAKBO.PH!!!

  3. Jinoe says:

    Thanks for joining CJ.
    So taon taon na lang, ma-iingit ka sa Blue singlet na yan. Hehehe…

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