Teva Sphere Review and Specifications

Posted: August 4, 2013 by runadoboking in My Runs
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tevasphereinforgraphicTevaSphere Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did Teva® design TevaSphere?

A: Teva designed TevaSphere to provide a superior footwear solution for outdoor athletes compared to what’s currently in the marketplace. Recognizing the growing market of consumers participating in non-traditional outdoor sports such as adventure racing and mud runs, they worked to create a shoe that would perform better on varying terrains.

Q: Where does TevaSphere fit within the current landscape of athletic footwear options?

A: Right now there are two options available to the outdoor athlete and neither is optimal. Consumers can choose from barefoot/minimalist footwear that is unsupportive, or built-up athletic shoes that are stiff and unnatural. TevaSphere technology provides a solution by offering users the benefits of natural movement, without sacrificing stability.

Q: What differentiates TevaSphere technology?

A: TevaSphere features a patent-pending spherical heel and pod-arch system that delivers a more natural point of impact, efficient transition and phenomenal stability.

Q: How does the TevaSphere technology work?

A: The spherical heel lowers the user’s point of contact with the terrain for a more natural point of impact and more efficient transition. This stands in stark contrast to the built-up, squared-off heels and over-cushioned insoles of other athletic shoes.

The pod-arch support provides further stability with specific point-of-contact support only where it’s needed, without restricting movement or adding unnecessary weight to the shoe.


Q: When will the TevaSphere technology reach the marketplace?

A: The technology will first appear in Teva’s Spring 13 collection that will debut in select retailers starting in February.

Q: What research did Teva do when designing the TevaSphere?

A: Teva’s product and design team worked for four years to design TevaSphere. They worked in collaboration with the leading sports science and human performance institute P3 (Peak Performance Project), testing 22 prototypes and gathering more than 35,000 points of data. P3 has created innovative testing equipment that can study both uphill and downhill movements — a key factor when looking at the performance of footwear intended for use in the outdoors.

Q: What are the qualifications of P3?

A: The team at P3 that worked with Teva in the development of TevaSphere includes P3 Founder and Director Dr. Marcus Elliott, along with Doctor of Physical Therapy and founder of Heeluxe, Dr. Geoffrey Alan Gray. Dr. Elliott is a Harvard-trained physician specializing in performance enhancement and the development of elite athletes. He’s dedicated to applying cutting-edge science for optimal athletic achievement, and has trained some of the world’s best athletes. Dr. Gray specializes in biomechanical analysis of footwear and foot care products through Heeluxe and corrective orthotics for athletes. Together, Dr. Marcus and Dr. Gray have created an unparalleled lab setting for studying footwear, including the TevaSphere.

Q: What exactly is the scientific data behind the TevaSphere?

A: The TevaSphere offers a spherical heel, which brings the athlete closer to the ground and provides a more natural point of impact. In a TevaSphere, the heel is 24 mm from the terrain, compared with an average 40 mm in a square foam heel, creating more stability for the athlete.

During a natural stride, the foot brakes before it accelerates, adding strain to the body. The TevaSphere design reduces the magnitude of braking and results in a more efficient transition from heel to toe when compared to square-heeled shoes intended to control motion, and even running barefoot. Teva also studied walking downhill and engineered the shoe to handle breaking forces better than hiking shoes.


Q: Is the TevaSphere appropriate for all foot types?

A. Yes, the TevaSphere works for all types of users, whether their feet pronate normally, over-pronate or sub-pronate. In instances of over-pronation, the pods are engaged when the foot rolls over and pushes it back into optimal alignment. It works the same way for sub-pronation.

Until now, the classic model for motion control has been to use higher density foam to push the foot back to “normal” pronation. The result is a very stiff shoe that is built too high — thereby losing the natural feeling of the ground. TevaSphere is ideal for unhealthy pronation since it offers the benefits of motion control, without having an overbuilt, clunky shoe.

Q: How does TevaSphere compare with barefoot or minimalist footwear?

A. The TevaSphere answers the failures of barefoot or minimalist footwear that provides poor support and encourages athletes to change their stride to adapt. Knowing that the majority of consumers continue to land on their heels whether running or walking, Teva changed the shoe, instead of trying to convince the user to alter their stride. The TevaSphere technology accommodates an athlete’s natural movement, while providing needed stability and support.

Q: What applications does TevaSphere have?

A. The TevaSphere is an outdoors cross-trainer that is ideal for users who take on a variety of terrain in their active pursuits. TevaSphere offers performance benefits across a wide range of activities such as running, walking, hiking, and cross training. In addition, TevaSphere’s stylish design seamlessly takes the wearer from the trail to the sidewalk.

Q: What are the different models available in the TevaSphere collection?

TevaSphere product offerings will debut in February 2013 in styles for men and women, including:
TevaSphere Speed features quick-dry materials, lightweight design and Teva’s Spider Original Rubber outsole. The Speed is available in two colors for men and women with a MSRP of $120.00 (U.S.).
TevaSphere Trail eVent® features eVent® breathable waterproof membrane, sturdy design and toe bumper for added protection. The TevaSphere Trail eVent is available in three colors for men and two for women with an MSRP of $140.00 (U.S.).
TevaSphere Trail is built for women who prefer the benefits of a sturdy trail shoe and can forgo waterproof features. The TevaSphere Trail is available for women only, in three colors with an MSRP of $120.00 (U.S.).
TevaSphere Trail Mid eVent® is available only in selected international markets. Featuring all the benefits of the TevaSphere Trail eVent® but adding the extra protection of a mid-cut height. Available in one color for men and women.

Q: What is the MSRP for the TevaSphere?

A. The TevaSphere will retail for $120 – 140 and will begin reaching store shelves in February 2013.


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