Summit Water Supports Bigger, Better Outbreak Manila

Posted: October 2, 2013 by runadoboking in My Runs
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Summit Water Supports Bigger, Better Outbreak Manila

PRESS RELEASE: This October, the next zombie outbreak will be unleashed in Manila. This time, you can’t just run for your life. Your mission is to find a possible cure to Outbreak Manila.

Halloween month just got bigger and better as Outbreak Manila amps up its zombie-infested run with two additional courses designed as a role-playing adventure for survivors.

On October 4 and 18, join the quest to find the “Adarna Initiative,” the rumored cure to the zombie outbreak. More than a run, participants must complete a series of tasks, uncover clues, collect supplies, and of course, avoid losing their lives or red flags throughout the course.

Meanwhile, October 19 is your final chance to escape out of the infected zone by fighting for survival amid the hordes of zombies to get to the last remaining transport – a bus straight to the clean zone. Watch out though, as there may be more than zombies lurking around.

To help you survive Outbreak Manila, Summit Natural Drinking Water will be available throughout the terrain to help replenish your thirst as you tax yourself physically and mentally with the grueling course. Like the Philippine national athletes it supports, only Summit Water and your own determination can keep zombies at bay.

For more information, visit and like Summit Natural Drinking Water on Facebook.



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