Surviving Rexona 21K with my World Balance Endure!

Posted: October 22, 2013 by runadoboking in My Runs
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Last Sunday, I was one of the thousands of runners who joined the Rexona Run 2013: RunToYourBeat. I signed up for the half marathon category. I was pretty excited about the run because of its unique presentation of the race wherein live bands & dj’s will perform along the race course. Also, I was thrilled to use my world balance endure, my newest partner in crime.

World balance was not a new brand of shoe for me. Way back grade school days, I was actually a world balance kid. All my P.E. shoes were world balance.  🙂 That’s why when I heard that they are now also offering running shoes, I got excited and curious to find out if they can actually go head to head with the leading brands in the sports that I learned to love.  🙂

World Balance Endure

 Pre Race:

I decided to use Endure on Rexona Run as soon as I found out that it is for “long distance runners”. I told myself that this will be the ultimate test. I ‘test run’ the shoe a week before the race. It was a short 3k run around Legaspi Park, just to feel the shoe. I felt comfortable, it was light and made confident that I can count on Endure for the next race.

World Balance Endure is designed to push the physical limits of its wearer and help them to keep going in long-distance races, such as marathons. Its upper material is made of premium microfiber cloth with breathable air mesh that helps prevent sweat from covering your feet. Endure has reinforced heel counter that provides heel protection and support. It has Terra-Soft Insole  technology that enhances cushioning and molded midsole for for extra cushioning and added durability. It is also very light, weighs 9 ounce only.

Race Day:

I was ready to finish the half marathon with a run-walk strategy with my world balance endure!

Post Race:

I was so happy I finished the race with my almost regular time for a half marathon and also because I survived it with my world balance endure. The shoe didn’t fail me, at least on its first half marathon. I’m thrilled to see how long will it last.  🙂

Other thoughts about the shoes:

Weight: lightweight, almost the same feel with my current lightweight shoe

Interior comfort: very comfortable, breathable and flexible.

Groundfeel/Protection: there’s a minimalist feel that sometimes you feel you wear nothing.

Sole Flexibility: Very flexible, my feet can make adjustments with ease

Grip: there was a little feeling of looseness while I was running, but maybe its because of the shoe size.

Appearance & Style: I love the style & color!

Durability: This we’ll have to see.

Price: Very affordable at P1,999.00

Rexona Run 21K FInishers! 🙂

  1. thirdy lopez says:

    Wow… pinang 21k mo pala yan…

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