Let’s get Personal at Fitness First

Posted: November 4, 2013 by runadoboking in My Runs
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Last week, I attended the launch of Fitness First’s newest innovation: the Let’s Get Personal: PT Microsite. In here, you will get to know the profiles of their personal trainers, their expertise and the likes. You will answer some questions to determine your fitness needs & others preferences and the site will automatically match you with a personal trainer that’s suits your goals, lifestyle, hobbies & training style.

We were given first hand experience on how to be trained by a fitness first personal trainer. During the event, we were matched to a trainer by answering few questions to determine our fitness needs. I ended up with the personal trainer from fitness first MOA: Aldrick.

Coach Aldrick assisted me to get my Tanita, and he explained the results to me. He told me the simple things I need to work on like, drinking more water, because the results said I’m dehydrated. He then asked me about my fitness goals and the things I wanted to improve about myself.

We did a one hour work out, mostly core and upper body exercises. It was difficult for me because I’ve not been into working out for a while but Coach Aldrick made sure that I will be doing the exercises properly, he consistently asked me if I’m good. That one hour made me realize again the advantage of having a personal trainer not to mention, it’s easier to do post work out stretching with someone rather doing it alone.


Let’s get personal! (Photo by Bards)


The last time i went to a gym was three years ago. I quit it after I had started running. I remember I signed up at the nearest gym to the office with one major thing in mind: to lose weight. Sometimes, the instructor would assist me and would tell me what to do but most of the time I was all by myself. And during those times when there was no one telling me what to do, I just found myself doing cardio at stationary bikes or running in treadmill. I rarely carried weights because I was still not sure how to do it properly; I was always waiting for the instructor’s free time for him to teach me but he was always busy building his own muscles. That was the time I thought it would not work out for me; then I learned about running and I just decided to run.

I joined my first race and I enjoyed it. I decided to quit gym and instead of paying membership fees, I just registered for races every week. I also found running groups with weekly training for free, which I attended religiously. The team was ANR MOA & ANR Ayala, with Coach Mar & Coach Zaldy as our TLs. Our training here was awesome, we were taught the basics and different techniques in running. In here, I learned the value of having a coach, of having someone who guides you when you still don’t know what to do; the importance of having a coach who understands and knows what your goals are.

I can say that those times were the peak of my running performance. I felt that I improved every training and evidently; I beat my personal records in every race I joined. I was still very competitive and motivated during those times. That’s why I will always be thankful for the trainings and tips that my coaches gave me, which made me a strong runner that I am now… uhm… was before. Lol

Then, I became busy at work and many other things. I wasn’t able to attend trainings and sessions with our coaches. I just ran alone every time my schedule permits me to. As a result, I ran just to finish the race, I am not competitive anymore, I don’t care about my finish time, I just enjoy the race, which can be good or bad, depending on what kind of person you are. To cut it short, I am now fat again. Lol. Despite how many half marathons I join, I just continue getting bigger which is really frustrating at times, well, actually all the time.


Group photo! Thanks Bards! 🙂

Back to training

Good news is, I’m ready to go back to training and to start again! That’s why when I heard about Fitness First’s Personal Training Program, I got so thrilled and excited for I now know the value of having Coaches or Personal Trainers. They will teach you, assist you and motivate you to achieve your fitness goals. They, for sure know what they’re doing so it’s less work for you to do researches and all, all you have to do is to find a coach that knows what you need, trust them and follow their instructions and you’re good to go.

I will start training with Fitness First this month and I can’t wait to be trained by their expert PTs again. I am sure it will be a great journey back to fitness and I promise to keep you posted on this blog. For inquiries about personal training program, kindly visit this link: http://www.fitnessfirst-letsgetpersonal.com/

Do you also believe in the importance of having a coach/personal trainer? Leave a comment here or drop me a line at twitter @cjlampad. Thanks guys!


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