Summit Water asks: How Fit are You?

Posted: November 6, 2013 by runadoboking in My Runs
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How Fit Are You?
Your Hydration Level Can Answer That for You


As more and more people get involved in fitness regimens, the interest in knowing just how fit you are has increased as well. We want to know that our long hours at the gym are paying off, and that all our hard work isn’t being put to waste.

The obvious way to measure if your work out is effective is through the old school weight loss aftermath. However, this is not the most efficient route. As you build more mass, your weight may stabilize or even slightly go up. This is not an indication of an inefficient workout, and may be more measureable more in inches than in pounds. In addition. water weight is the first to go during any strenuous regimen. This means that you may be dangerously dehydrating yourself in an effort to sustain your ideal weight.

Hydration has proven itself to be a key factor in workouts. In fact, a study on football players has shown that losing even just 2% of your weight in fluids can result in a 25% decrease in performance. So how do you measure your true weight? By measuring your level of hydration through time. This ensures that your body is properly supplied with water regardless of your workout, and that you are losing fat, not just mere water.

Hydration strips are starting to come into the market that help you measure the amount you sweat during strenuous activities. Usually used by endurance athletes, they are the easiest method of sustaining activity through consistent water intake. However, for regular fitness buffs, here is a simple method that can help you keep track of how much you should be drinking before and after every workout.

Measure your body weight using a digital scale when you get up in the morning, at the same time, before you drink any fluids, and after emptying your bladder. Do the same before and after exercise, and measure as well the amount of liquids you consume. You should be able to make up for all fluids lost post workout, and consistently replenish throughout the day to make up the difference.

And the best partner to reach your fitness goals? Summit Natural Drinking Water. The go-to-drink of Philippine national athletes is also your partner in perspiring your way to a healthy you. Aspire for a fitter body, and inspire others in return, just like our athletes do. – Press Release

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About Summit Natural Drinking Water
Summit Natural Drinking Water is the official bottled water of Philippine national athletes. It has helped aspiring Filipino athletes maintain superior concentration and athletic edge with minerals that boost their hydration level. It comes from natural underground sources around Mt. Makiling in Laguna and is further processed by ionization and filtration, making it clean and refreshing.


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