Reality Check: My first PT session at Fitness First

Posted: November 11, 2013 by runadoboking in My Runs
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There are 5 key elements of fitness: Strength, Core, Cardio, Flexibility and Balance. An individual who mastered the 5 elements and is able to apply them in their daily activities is considered to be fit. The question is, how fit are you? Or maybe better… how fit I am?

This was the main activity of my first session with Fitness First, with my personal trainer. It is important to know one’s fitness level before going to a full work out in order for the trainer to know, what kind of approach/level of difficulty that will best suits his client.

Let’s Get Personal @ Fitness First

The first thing my PT did was to analyze my body composition. In here, you will step into a weighing scale like equipment, encode your age & height and after that, the machine will give you a report of your body composition.  It will tell you the percentage of muscles, fats, water & bones in your body weigh. Amazing!

Basically the machine and my PT said I’m overweight and close to being obese and my metabolic age is far older than my actual age. Something I need to work on really hard. After that, we did the fiitness test.


My PT said that I must run for 10 minutes in the treadmill. Distance to beat is 2.5 kms. I told my self: That’s easy! Lol Result: 1:34 kms. I was unbelievably slow! Lol


The next test is to do as many push ups in one minute. My PT said that their highest record is 42. And I was like… “Whaat? Ok”. Result: 16 push ups for me.


After that is the ultimate test of core and an infamous photo pose: planking. I was sweaty all over that’s why my arms kept on sliding while I was in the plank position. It was the most difficult plank I did so far. Lol. Result: 60 seconds.


The fourth test is the test of balance. Another tricky test. When my PT was explaining to me the drill, I thought that I can do well on this but again I was wrong. The test was very simple: stand in one leg, do a star position, (arms open, lift one leg), close your eyes and maintain balance for 2 minutes. Easy eh? Result: 16 secs in left leg, 5 secs in right leg.. 😦


The final test is for flexibility and we all know this since grade school: the basic sit and reach (as far as you can: knee, ankles, toes, heels). I was not flexible enough to reach my heels. I got 3 points for reaching my toes though.

This whole fitness test was a big eye opener to me. Finishing half marathons and marathons made me believe I was a strong person and that I can almost do anything. But after this test, it made me want to punch myself for not being able to do simple fitness drills. It was a little bit embarrassing, to be honest. The reality is I’m not as fit as I thought I was and I badly need to do something about it.

It’s a good reality check for me. I am now more determined to become fitter and healthier, and I am very positive that I can achieve this through hardwork, discipline and of course, by the the guidance and coaching of my personal trainer from Fitness First. 🙂

So if you are like me, or even not like me, but interested on having your own personal trainer, you may take the PT Match Test of Fitness First, wherein you will be match to a personal trainer that suits your fitness needs and training style.

P.S. No photos during the session because i left my phone in the locker.  😦

  1. ang hirap kaya ng 2.5km in 10 minutes! ambilis nun! >.<

    anyway, i wanna see you punch yourself next time we meet. lol!

    go, go, go FRAK! (Fit Run Adobo King)

  2. Roland says:

    this is nice to know CJ! welcome to my world 🙂

  3. George Godin says:

    Stand in one leg, do a star position, close your eyes and maintain balance for 2 minutes? Woah this is really hard! But I just want to congratulate you. Keep up the good work 🙂

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