Active people, like us runners and fitness enthusiasts are prone to muscle injuries during strenuous work outs and activities. It is part of the whole routine of training, “no pain, no gain” as they say. Good thing is there are pain killers available in the market that help us relieve pain during these unfortunate times and keep us going in achieving our fitness goals.

From the makers of Efficascent Oil & Omega Pain Killer: the International Pharmaceuticals, Inc. presents their newest brand of pain reliever: Omega Pro!

omega pro

Omega Pain Killer Pro (OPK-Pro) is a liniment that has a cooling effect that quickly relieves sore muscles. Its spreadability has been enhanced and it has a new refreshing scent.

While most of us grew up thinking that the brands “Efficascent Oil” and “Omega Pain Killer” are products for our Lolo and Lolas, Omega Pro is ACTUALLY recommended for young adults who love sport and live an active lifestyle.

The Omega Pain Killer Pro is available nationwide in 5ml sachet and 15ml & 60ml bottles with an SRP of P10, P25 & P73 , respectively.


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