After two months of being friends with the treadmill, I finally got back into the road by joining the 7Eleven Run1000 last Sunday, January 19 at Aseana City, Macapagal Blvd, Pasay City. Part of the race route for 10k, 16k & 21K was the Cavite Expressway (Cavitex). By the way, Run 1000 is in celebration for the opening of the 1000th store of 7Eleven in the Philippines. Congrats guys!

It was my first run for the year and decided to join the 5k distance. The 5k category was jampacked! I think almost five thousand runners joined the 5k distance alone. It was crazy but I think everyone managed to run and finish the race of their chosen distances.

Photo by Faces of the Race FB Page

I think most of the participants of the 5k category where newbies into running. During the run, I saw a lot of “don’ts” on a fun run so I decided to come up with a list of do’s and don’t’s for newbies into fun runs. Here they are:

Fun Run Tips for Newbie Runners

1. Check out & review the events map. This will give you the idea where to park your car, where to deposit your bags, where the portalets are, etc. This will save you a lot of time during and after the race.

2. Keep right. Always run on the right side of the road to give way for faster runners who are on their way back already. Also, walk/jog on sidewalks to avoid blocking the other runners. During the race, most of the 5k runners chose to walk in groups making it hard for other runners to navigate the course.

3. Throw your cups on trash bins. 7Eleven Run1000 provided trash bins every after hydration stations. We have no excuse for not using it properly.

4. Give a hand sign or slowly change your pace when you are going to stop/walk to avoid collission from the runner at your back.

Thank you Summit Water! 🙂

5. Keep calm & stay away from arguments. During the race I saw a runner who is arguing with a marshall because he was called out for running on the other side of the road. He kept on answering back and said: “Why are you shouting at me?”. Seriously? Do we want to waste our energy for arguing? Always remember these people are just doing their jobs. Just follow the rules and just run.

6. Don’t play the blame game! If you join a big race, expect many walkers from 3k & 5k category and long que of line after the race. If you want to avoid these: run fast, finish early and train harder. Stop blaming other runners or the race org for not achieving your PR.

7. Listen & be responsible to your body. Know your limits! Walk when you have to and always hydrate yourself. Prepare yourself before race day. Sleep well and do warm ups. Medics will be there but you should not rely to them. You are responsible for your own self while on the road.

With @ the Coca Cola Photo Booth

I finished my 5K race with an unofficial time of 33:33, not bad for a 85kg man like me. Lol. I got a medal, a shirt and a lot of freebies from different sponsors of the event like Coca Cola, Selecta, Pocari Sweat, Dole, Powerade, Bacchus, Summit Water & Trust Condom (not kidding).

It was great race experience! The weather was nice and the hydration were overflowing during and after the race. I will kill myself if anyone will raise issues regarding hydration! Lol

7Eleven Run1000 is definitely in the running as one of the best races of 2014. Special thanks to Summit Water and Congrats to 7Eleven Team for a very successful event!

  1. thanks idol sa tips! 🙂

  2. Jc says:

    Hindi kaya overflowing ang hydration! 5k runners lang magsasabi nun. Hahahaha! Uy parang pumapayat ka na. Haha

  3. wow nagbibigay na ng tips si fitness first ambassador! coach RAK! haha! nabasa ko rin na may mga stations na nawalan ng cups and hydration sa latter part ng race, dun ata sa coastal road area. maliliit kase ung hydration stations dun.

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