Run United 21K Sold Out; NO Additional Slots to be Opened

In less than  a week,  all slots for the 21k category of Run United 1 2014 were compeletely sold out. The organizers decided not to open additional slots for the safety of the runners & quality of the race.
Here’s the official message from Runrio & Unilab Active Healht:
Dear runners,
We understand that there is a demand for us to add more slots for the 21km category. We apologize that we cannot accommodate this request. We have reached the maximum number of 21km runners, and adding more slots would compromise the quality of the execution of the race. In order to guarantee the safety and enjoyment of all runners, we need to set a limit to the number of slots.
For the meantime, registration is ongoing for the 500m dash, 5km, and 10km categories. 
We hope you understand. Thank you for your continued patronage of the Runrio Run United Trilogy.

Good job Runrio & ULAH for making a sound decision. Other organizers will surely add more slots for the sake of money. Thank you for considering our safety and enjoyment on the race! 🙂

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