The most technical trail run in the country is back and set to happen on April 12, Saturday. For the second time, Hamilo Coast, Batangas is the host for the event, but this time offering “new routes” and new distances! It will surely be another test of endurance, strength and speed for this year’s Salomon X Trail Run.

Press Release:

Salomon Philippines announces the X-Trail Run event for 2014

The world’s leading trail running shoe gets ready for this year’s leg of its highly-anticipated trail running event in the region.

As the number one footwear brand in trail running, Salomon is proud to hold another round of its long-running X-Trail Run, which is scheduled to happen in key countries and cities in the region namely, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and the Philippines.

 Having attracted numerous participants from all over the Asia-Pacific Region, this series of trail running events has always been filled with various participants, from newbies to hardcore loyalists of the Salomon brand. Hence, the brand has made it a point to keep things exciting and challenging for everyone, offering various types of races – adventure, offroad runs, even mountain runs, making the Salomon X-Trail Run something to look forward to each year.

The Global ‘X-Trail’ branding is categorized as a technical trail running race, with a mix of different terrain surfaces, which include dirt, rocks, sand and concrete paths. The most recent Salomon Pilipinas X-Trail Run was held at Tagaytay Highlands and Hamilo Coast, registered the most number of short-distance trail runners, totaling to over 1,000 trail runners.

This year, the brand is happy to be going back to Hamilo Coast, which is famed for its trails, vertical ascents and steep descents. This year’s X-Trail Run will be offering three distances – 6km road to trail, 12km road to trail, and the much anticipated 24km & 32km mountain run. These are perfect for all types of trail runners and outdoor enthusiasts who want to test their skill and endurance in the sport.

Aside from enthusiasts, the X-Trail run is also very much geared towards providing the perfect challenge for beginners, who want to give trail running a try. As for those who are already into road running, the X-Trail run is a great way of taking things to the next level. This race category will be a perfect introduction to the trails for them, with majority of the 6km distance on the road. Meanwhile, the 12km road-to-trail category is a distance targeting beginners in trail running who can already endure longer distances of road running. This is the perfect distance for them to take their trail experience higher. Trail and road ratio for this distance is 50-50.

For all those who are participating on the race, please take time to read the following race day reminders for your own safety.

Mountain Run
§ Head lamp
§ Whistle
§ Hydration bag/ belt
Road to Trail
§ Hydration bag/ belt
*Mandatory inspection will be conducted before the race. No mandatory gears, no race.
*Salomon XTrail 2014 is a green event. Bring your own hydration packs as no plastic cups will be distributed in the event.

32k – 7hrs
24k – 5hrs
12k – 2.5hrs
6k – 1.5hrs
No finishers medal for 32k & 24k, after the cut off time

Pick-up Point: R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street
Meeting Time: 12:30AM
ETD: 1st batch- 1:00AM; 2nd batch- 1:30AM
Requirement: Online & Store Registrants must present valid ID

The shortest and fastest route to Hamilo is via Cavitex- Naic – Puerto Azul Route

Gates open at 3AM. If the guest is not checked-in, they cannot enter
Hamilo before the said opening time.

§ The Carpass attached should be surrendered to Hamilo GuardHouse Entrance, with all the participants’ names riding the car.
§ If you are riding the bus service, please disregard the carpass.

§ Each registered runner is issued a Grey Hamilo Wristband, included in the race kit.
§ Please do not lose the wristband. NO WRISTBAND, NO ENTRY to the event staging area.
§ If misplaced, Hamilo will charge P600 for guest daytrip fee.

1. Strictly no brining in of food & drinks inside the club.
2. Hotel Guests: Registered Runners & Guests of Salomon X Trail who are checked-in Pico Sands Hotel have automatic access to Pico Beach & Country Club.
3. Registered Runners have automatic access to Pico Beach and Pico Country Club.
Day Trip Fees for Salomon X-Trail Event
§ Use of Pico Beach (swimming) – P 600 / head
§ Use of Pico Beach & Country Club – P 1,000/head
§ Companions who just watch and eat in Pico Beach – No Charge
§ Cash Card – All purchases in the club for food and other services are done via cash card. There
will be a cash card loading station in the event area where guests can load cash.
§ Credit Card – Credit Card (Visa and Mastercard) is also accepted as mode of payment.

For fruther queries:
Registration, Race Kits & Bus Reservation: or
Pico Sands Hotel Reservation:



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