Lunchbox Diet: Healthy Food, Affordable Price & Free delivery!

Posted: May 30, 2014 by runadoboking in My Runs
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If we are friends on facebook or if you are following me on instragram and twitter, you should know by now that I’m on a healthy and strict diet as part of my long journey to fitness and weight loss. I have been flooding my timeline with photos of food from breakfast, lunch up to dinner which I don’t usually do. But this time, it’s different! I accepted the 30 day challenge of Lunchbox Diet, wherein I will only eat their healthy meals for 4 weeks and so far, I think I’m doing good.


breakfast: crispy seafood salad with caesar dressing

Lunchbox Diet is a program that that promotes healthy living by serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks amounting to 1200 calories per day, 5 times a week (Monday to Friday) for an affordable price of P1,700.00 only. It means P340/day of healthy and low calorie meals.

I’m on my third week now with Lunchbox Diet and so far, it works well on me. I’m working out at least thrice a week and it has been a very good combination. I’m actually looking forward for the results of this 30 day challenge. I’m very positive that I will lose more pounds with the help of Lunchbox Diet.

Lunchbox Diet will deliver your food for the whole day every morning (depending on your preferred schedule). The food is packed in microwavable containers so it’s easy for you to put it in ref and reheat it before your meal. It also comes in with three sets of spoon & fork, and table napkins. Everything is prepared for you and you would not ask for more.

dinner: roast chicken cacciatore + red rice

Their food is actually great. It was better than I expected; I thought that the food will be very tasteless but it was not the case with Lunchbox Diet. It actually varies, sometimes it’s so good that I can say that I can eat this for the whole week, and sometimes, its tastes nothing. Haha. But it’s only because Lunchbox diet meals are low in sodium & sugar. Most of all, it’s good! Those few times when you can’t taste anything, just think of it as part of the challenge! and a test of discipline and determination to achieve your fitness goals. So you must never give up to the temptations of fast food chains! . Haha. 🙂

So if you’ve been wondering about all the food photos I’m posting almost everyday, they’re all from lunchbox diet. And if you’re interested to lose weight and want to try their yummy, healthy and low calorie meals, here’s how to order:

  1. Fill out the form at Text 0917-8093196 for any inquiries.
  2.  Please wait for a confirmation email and/or text containing the terms and payment details. Please note that orders are processed on a “first come, first served” basis. Order taking closes on Saturday of the previous week at 12 noon.
  3.  Once your order is confirmed, please email a copy of the proof of your payment @ with your FULL NAME AND ORDER DATE, WRITTEN on the Deposit Slip. (Strictly implemented!)

lunch: beer and beef stew

They are also open for night shift employees, so BPO & Call center friends, you can place you orders too! If you’re around Quezon City, San Juan, Ortigas Business District, Mandaluyong, Makati and BGC, you can order your lunchbox and they deliver it for free! 🙂

For more details, please like their facebook page or contact them at 09178093196 from 8am-10pm only.




  1. thirdy lopez says:

    Gusto ko yung chicken cacciatore…

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