From 2XL to L Singlets, thank you Lunchbox Diet & Fitness First!

Posted: July 1, 2014 by runadoboking in My Runs
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It’s been almost a month after I took the 30 day challenge from Lunchbox diet and I’m now on my 6th month with Fitness First. I am now happy and proud to tell you the results.

I started this fitness journey early this year. By January 2014, I weighed around 195 lbs. I have been actively going to Fitness First and started lessening my carb intake. I was doing good and was able to slash a kilo of my weight at least every month. Thanks to my PT from Fitness First who had been very patient and supportive in this fitness journey of mine.

My gym work outs usually involves cardio, core training, and circuit training. I also try to to join a race or run 10k at least every weekend. By the way, here’s the link to my old post about my work outs, in case you want to know more about it. 🙂



By March, I already weighed around 187 lbs. According to my PT, my workout is good but I still have to adjust my diet in order for me to lose weight faster.I was introduced to Lunchbox Diet by May 2014, and I was so excited to take the challenge and to really looked forward to see the results.

Lunchbox Diet is a program that that promotes healthy living by serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks amounting to 1200 calories per day, 5 times a week (Monday to Friday) for an affordable price of P1,700.00 only. It means P340/day of healthy and low calorie meals.

I started the 30 day challenge by May 2014 with 180 lbs and finished the challenge by June 2014 with 171 lbs. It’s a bit low if you’ll count the ‘numbers’ but my gym work outs converted my fat mass to muscle mass hence that result. But a lot of friends had been constantly noticing and congratulating me for the ‘change’ in my body, now with toned muscles and smaller tummy. haha 😀

The Pigil HInga Pose. HAHA

I’m glad that I can now wear old clothes! From 2XL, i’m now back to L shirts and singlets. And I always need a belt for my pants. Haha. Also, my performance during races improved, I slashed off 30 minutes from my previous 21k race and I almost broke my personal record in half marathon.

Lunchbox Diet surely delivered results for me. And I know with constant and consistent training and diet, I will become fitter and better runner and a healthier individual.

So if you want to lose weight like me and want to try their yummy, healthy and low calorie meals, here’s how to order:

1. Fill out the form at Text 0917-8093196 for any inquiries.
2. Please wait for a confirmation email and/or text containing the terms and payment details. Please note that orders are processed on a “first come, first served” basis. Order taking closes on Saturday of the previous week at 12 noon.
3. Once your order is confirmed, please email a copy of the proof of your payment @ with your FULL NAME AND ORDER DATE, WRITTEN on the Deposit Slip. (Strictly implemented!)

Thank you LBD & FF!

They are also open for night shift employees, so BPO & Call center friends, you can place you orders too! If you’re around Quezon City, San Juan, Ortigas Business District, Mandaluyong, Makati and BGC, you can order your lunchbox and they deliver it for free! 🙂
For more details, please like their facebook page or contact them at 09178093196 from 8am-10pm only.

If you want to enroll at fitness first, you may take their 3 day trial for free! Click here for more details: Thanks for reading! 🙂

  1. cuteehcath says:

    Wow congrats. Ang payat mo na. Libre mo ko ng buffet. Haha

  2. immabbikee says:

    Husay congrats! Sali ka na ng survivor! 🙂

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