Strongman of the day: Exclusive Preview of the Titan Games

Posted: October 24, 2014 by runadoboking in My Runs
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Last week, I was invited to take part in the exclusive preview of the first National Strongman Competition in the Philippines, The Titan Games. The games will happen at The Camp, Taguig City on November 9, 2014. As of today, registration is already closed, but they are still inviting the public to watch the competition and take part in the side challenges for free and win Php 1,000 worth of GNC gift certificates. Some of the mini events are the tree flip challenge, log clean and press, and deadlift/farmer’s carry. For more details, please visit their FB Page: TItan Games.

The exclusive preview of the Titan Games happened at Crossfit Greenhills, last October 12. They invited bloggers to try the 5 challenges of the Titan Games. I have to say I was a little hesitant to do the challenges for I feel that I am not strong enough yet to do those things. Also, crossfit to me sounds very intimidating. It sounds more difficult and intense than a regular work out. But since I was there already, I have to man up and do it. Lol

Before we started, the people from WOD nation explained and demonstrated to us the proper form of execution of each challenges. It looked easy at the beginning: squats and run? I told myself I can do that! I also thought that the sandbag carry will be easy for me. The only challenge that concerned me was the Kettle bell cleans, I just felt like it might hit me in the head if I don’t do it properly. That made me a little nervous.

So we did the first challenge: PUMP & RUN

In this challenge, we have to complete 30 back squats and 100m sprint. I think I did pretty well on this challenge. Maybe it’s because I do a lot of squats in my regular work out and I’m a runner too. I finish this challenge with a time of 1:40:50.

The second challenge is the: APPOLON’S AXLE

In here, we have to bring the barbell from the shoulder to overhead for 40 repetitions. While doing this challenge I realized my arms were not strong as I thought. I had a hard time after I finish halfway of the challenge. I had difficulty pushing the barbel on top of my head. Good thing though, one of the coaches told me that I can use my legs and do push jerks. That helped me finished the challenge. My time was 1:38:41

The third challenge is my favorite, THE SAND MAN:

The Sand Man is composed of five tasks: front squat, shoulder to shoulder, box step-ups, powercleans and 40m oh walk.

This is my favorite because it felt very similar to a survivor challenge. To be honest, I feel very strong while I was doing this challenge. My favorite part is the box step-ups where we have to carry a sandbag and must not let it touch the box while doing the challenge. The most difficult part for me was the shoulder to shoulder, where we have to put the sandbag from one shoulder to another. Again, my arms strength failed me here.

The fourth challenge is the KETTLE BELL MASTER:

I do kettle bells in my regular work out that’s why it felt easy to me. The only thing that hurt me on this challenge was that I only use my right arm for the whole challenge. I forgot that i can chage active arms during the cleans.

The last challenge is the CLASH OF CLANS:

The last challnge is composed of 20M Prowler Pull, 20M Prowler Push, 30 single arm dumble floor to overhead and 40m yoke carry.

The prowler push and pull was easy on me, maybe because the weight was not that heavy. But if you’re joining the advance division, you really have to prepare for this challenge. You’ll be pushing and pulling 180lbs for men, 100lbs for women. The difficult part for me on this challenge was my shoes. I was sliding in the floor while pushing so I suggest you use the right kind of shoe on the competition day.

I was the only blogger who completed the 5 challenges of the Titan Games during that exclusive preview. It made me feel a Strongman, even just for a day. Lol.Though I also realized how weak my arms were, It’s a good thing to know the areas that I’m good at and the areas that i need to improve more. It was a great experience and a reality check on my physical capabilities.

For more details and tips for the Titan Games, please click here:

Thanks to WOD Nation and Crossfit for a great workout and to ZAP for the photos.

  1. thirdy lopez says:

    Gawin din naten ito…


    Ang korny sa FF EW 12kgs pinakamabigat na vipr!

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