Managing your energy for the holidays with Cobra Energy Drink

Posted: December 2, 2014 by runadoboking in My Runs

Between Christmas parties and overtime, after-school work and nights out to catch up with friends, having enough energy to keep up with the holiday madness can be difficult.

Minimize stress by choosing activities wisely. There is no need to attend all parties right after many hours of after-school or office work. Go on days when the load is lighter or during weekends. Prioritize deadlines and when sudden overtime work is required, make sure you have enough energy to get you by. Here are three simple tips on how to wing your busy holiday schedule.

Cobra Berry Blast FA

Eat for energy. There are two things you need to watch out for when anticipating a packed work-and-play day: (1) skipping meals, and (2) eating high glycemic index* food. Food is the fuel for the mind and body and skipping meals only means you’ll further run low on energy. Healthy oil, high fiber, and protein-rich food have low glycemic index, meaning the body gradually absorbs the sugar needed to store energy needed for an all-nighter.

Sleep is not for the weak. Quality sleep may be hard to come by, especially when you’re all worked up, but simple sleep hacks like avoiding naps during the day and sleeping in a cool, dark, and quiet room can contribute to better sleep.

Drink caffeine to your advantage. Among the several benefits of caffeine to the body, its most useful value is how it increases mental alertness. Get an instant boost of energy while you sharpen your mind by gulping drinks with caffeine. Coffee is not the only drink containing caffeine, as energy drinks like Cobra, which is packed with vitamins, gives you the same amount of caffeine you get from one cup of coffee.

Cobra Energy Drink has reformulated its Berry variant for a more refreshing drink and delicious fruity flavor, now making it a better pair for scrumptious holiday meals. Drink it together with all-time favorite Noche Buena eats like the lechon, hamonado, or even with lumpiang ubod.

Apart from giving you the energy to stay up all night with family and friends, Cobra Berry also contains world-class B-Vitamins, ginseng, taurine, and inositol to help Filipino keep up with work and play for a truly Berry-happy holiday season.

* The glycemic index measures how fast and how much a food raises blood glucose levels. Foods with higher index values raise blood sugar more rapidly than foods with lower glycemic index values do. – Press Release


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