Cobra Energy Drink Launches Matteo Guidicelli for their New Campaign: Gusto Ko Pa!

Posted: February 21, 2015 by runadoboking in My Runs
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“When in sight of the finish line, they are already preparing for the next race. When met with a deadline, they are already rolling up their sleeves for the next task.” Abe Cipriano, AVP for Marketing for Non-Alcoholic Division of Asia Brewery.

It is human nature to always want to be better, to improve, to ask for more. And it’s actually a good thing. It means we always look forward to something great, it means we keep on dreaming, it means we don’t easily give up, it means we persevere. And that is the newest campaign of Cobra Energy Drink is all about: “Gusto ko pa!”


“Gusto Ko Pa!”campaign encapsulates the new Filipino, who has gone beyond surviving everyday obstacles to pursuing bigger, better, greater things. Beyond perseverance, Gusto Ko Pa is about empowerment. Beyond persistence, Gusto Ko Pa adds purpose. Beyond hard work, Gusto Ko Pa is about a hunger for more. And fueling this passion, Gusto Ko Pa and Cobra provides the energy to see it through.

Last Tuesday, February 17, Cobra launch their new campaign and their new endorser, Matteo Guidicelli, a a multi-awarded racecar driver, top triathlete of the country’s most grueling sporting events, and a highly sought-after actor. The event was held at Hard Rock Café, Glorietta 3, Makati City.


“It is an honor to represent a brand that has fueled the Filipino spirit unlike any other. That they see in me the values that every Filipino strives for is an inspiration to be better at what I do now, and to work even harder for what’s next. I call on every Filipino to never settle, to find their passion, and to power themselves up with Cobra Energy Drink. I want this to become a rallying call for every Filipino –to do more, to be more, dahil ‘Gusto ko pa.’” – Matteo Guidicelli said during the launch

Matteo - Cobra

Cobra Energy Drink’s “Gusto Ko Pa!” is one of their biggest campaign todate. After featuring Filipino top athletes in their previous campaigns like “Lakas ng Pinas” & “Tunay Na Lakas”, Cobra is now set to take a new role in empowering not just Filipino athletes but every Filipino who wants to do more. Cobra Energy Drink gives every Filipino the insipiration to never give up and to take their life into the next level and to always dream bigger and to shout out load “Gusto Ko pa!”


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