Runners (and Pacers!) Exceeded themselves at Run United 1 2015

Posted: March 11, 2015 by runadoboking in My Runs
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Five years ago, I   was just a regular runner who joins 5k fun runs every week. I never thought I would finish a marathon. I even remember saying I wont do a half because I don’t want to die yet. Haha. But it’s all different now, I already finished 2 marathons and I cant even count how many 21ks I’ve done. And just last Sunday, I did something, I never thought I would. I was one of the pacers for the Run United 1 2015 along side with top runners of our community like Kuya Kim Atienza, The Bull Runner Jaymie Pizarro, Mr. Pinoy Fitness Jeff Lo and Runrio himself, Coach Rio dela Cruz. I couldn’t be more proud and happy to see how I’ve grown as a Run United runner, I definitely reached my goals and exceeded my own expectation. Thanks to all the runner friends who I’ve met along the way who inspired me to always become a better runner after every race.


Pacers of Run United1 2015 Yay! I’m one of them. 🙂

Last Sunday was the time for me to give back. As pacers, we were responsible for bringing the runners in the finishline and reached their target time. I was assigned to lead the 7mins/km pace for the 5k runners together with Thirdy, Nel & Sherdon. Our target finish time is 35mins. All four of us can surely finish that at any given day. But the task is not just to finish, the task is to help other runners finish the race with us, to run with other people you don’t know and motivate them, to let them trust you and believe you that you can help them, and most importantly, to make them believe that they can exceed themselves that day.

The 5k/35mins group: Thirdy, Cj, Nel & Sherdon

During the race, I noticed that most of the 5k runners are not competitive runners. Most of them were there to have fun, to take photos and to just enjoy the race which is not bad at all. Most of us started like that, I started like that. But I’m sure all of them will progress and become more competitive in their own time.

We finished the race at 34mins and 30secs. Just in time for a sub35 finish.

Daves getting a lecture before his myofascial therapy

After the race, all the pacers gathered in the pacer’s lounge for breakfast and to exchange different inspiring and funny stories. Runners on the other hand, enjoyed free Enervon Hp drink after crossing the finishline. There were also a recovery zone called Alaxan FR Muscle Revitalization Zone where runners get free post race streching, ice packs and myofascial treatment courtesy of UST OT/PT team.


It was a great experience and I would love to do it again. See you all in Run United 2! 🙂


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