Almost 300 boys and girls went to St. Louis University in Baguio last March 14-15 at the Alaska’s JrNBA JrWNBA Regional Selection camp. Some of the young athletes drove all the way from Dagupan, Ilocos and other provinces near the City of Pines. Alaska in partnership with NBA is going all over the Philippines to select qualified young basketball players to become part of the Alaska’s JrNBA JrWNBA All Star Team. Last year, the All Star Team went to Beijing, China and competed against other all star teams from Southeast Asia.

Young boys and girls lined up at St. Louis University in Baguio for the JrNBa & JrWNBA Regional Selection Camp. All participants get to drink unlimited Alaska Milk and Alaska Chocolate drink. 🙂

Day 1. As early as 8am, young boys and girls were already lined up outside the gym of St. Louis University eagerly waiting for the start of the registration. Some of them were accompanied by their parents, by their coaches while others went all alone by themselves.

The JrNBA JrWNBA aspirants will be assigned with a barcode after registration. They will be given a score card which will be used in recording their pesonal details and in assessment of their basketball skills. After the registration, participant’s vitals will be recorded. Volunteer athletes from Baguio assisted the kids in measuring their height, wingspan, vertical jump and in doing push ups/situps.

Volunteer athletes from Baguio record vitals of JrNBA JrWNBA participants. (height, wingspan, vertical jump, push ups)

Alaska’s JrNBA JrWNBA coaches headed by Coach Rodney Santos provided different stations that will test the boys’ and girls’ skills in lay up, shooting, dribbling and footwork. All participants must finish all stations and will be graded by the Coaches. Top participants will return on day 2 and will move on to the final selection.

Day2. The top 24 girls and top 40 boys were divided into teams. They participated in friendly games and competed against each other. During the match ups, the coaches are carefully watching how each player perform in the game. Aside from being a good basketball player, participants must also practice JrNBA JrWNBA’s STAR Values. STAR stands for Sportmanship, Teamwork, +Attitude and Respect.

Alaska’s JrNBA JrWNBA coaches in Action!

I was there whole Sunday afternoon watching the kids play. In all fairness to them, they were all good and fast and skilled basketball players. Some stand out because they are taller, they run faster and scored more points but all of them generally were good players. What I liked the most was I personally saw the STAR values in action. They communicate well in the court despite they just knew each other the day before, they lend a hand when someone fall, they cheer for their team mates, they give chance for their other team mates to perform and they shook hands after every game. These are easy things to do when you know your team mates for a long time but considering the fact that they don’t know each other yet, it’s actually very impressive. I commend the Alaska coaches for teaching the kids and always reminding the importance of STAR values.

Friendly games amongst JrNBA particpants! 🙂

The day ended with 4 boys and 3 girls being selected as Baguio’s representative to the National Training Camp of Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA Philippines 2015 presented by Alaska which will be held on April 24 to 26 at PICC Forum Tent and SM Mall of Asia. The top players are: Magnus Gabriel Ines (Baguio), Manuel Andrey Ober (Dagupan), Christian Allen Magno (Dagupan), Jan Zyrus De Ayre (Baguio), Christine Angela Venetrez (Baguio), Kristine Cayabyab (Dagupan) and Rose Marie De Los Santos (Dagupan). Congrats guys!

The top 4 boys & 3 girls of JrNBA JrWNBA Baguio Camp (Photo from JrNBA FB)

For general information about Jr. NBA and Jr. WNBA Philippines, please visit; Alaska Milk Corporation visit; Alaska Basketball Power Camp visit and for live Twitter updates follow @ALASKAsportshub #JrNBAPH #JrWNBAPH


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