Finishing Sierra Relay & Half Marathon 51050 with Maxxed Flight 101

Posted: March 22, 2015 by runadoboking in Maxxed Flight 101, Maxxed Flight 101 Shoe Review

On the first Sunday of March this year, I joined the Sierra Relay & Half Marathon where I ran the 10k Solo category. It was held in the cold and hilly town of Tanay, Rizal. Hundreds of runners from Manila drove all the way to Ten Cents to Heaven Resort, the official venue of the event.

The gun start for 10k was 5:30am but I was there as early as 4am. Thanks to Shuttle’s Best who drove us all the way from Edsa Central up to Tanay. Shuttle’s Best offers transportation services for out of town races. You may visit their FB Page for more info.

I was with fellow blogger, THE and we both signed up for the 10k category. We agreed that we’re just going for a picture pace so that we can enjoy the beautiful sceneries of Tanay, Rizal. Franc was ready with his Gopro and I was ready with my…camphone. Lol

The 10k race route was tough. It was unlimited downhills and uphills and downills and uphills again. Good thing the weather was cool and the view was magnificent that’s why you wouldn’t mind walking the uphill portions of the route.

I was on an easy pace the whole route because I am also using Maxxed Flight 101. This was the first time I used it on a race, that’s why I’ms still trying to get the feel of it. I used it on a treadmill once before the race though, but you know, actual race is still different.

Weight: 12.5 oz Profile (Heel): 38 mm Profile (Forefoot): 23 mm Drop from heel to forefoot: 15 mm Shoe type: Road-Neutral Material: Rubber, Phylon, Shard-spring heel (plastic)

Maxxed Flight 101 is made by Sports House. It is designed for long distance running and is for the intensity of uphill and downhill battles. It has shard heel blades which give runners a spring like feel when running. These blades harness energy and gives back more to propel forward resulting an extended force and gained extra speed. Equipt with mesh designs around the sides that lets your foot breathe and cools down to get a better comfort as well as avoid strain and bumps. It is also comfortable to wear even without socks and it is pain free on shins and ankles. It is generally good shoe, the only thing i did not like is the squeaking sound it makes when you land on the ground whether you are running or walking but perhaps it depends on the user no? 🙂

Here’s a video clip of myself while running in Sierra with my maxxed flight 101 c/o THE

I finished my 10k race injury free (Thanks to MAxxed Flight 101!) and i’m sure i made it within the cut off. The race was fun! Maybe its because of the cold weather and the light atmosphere during and even after the race. Everyone was happy, smiling and laughing. Kudos to Team Sierra & Rundezvous for successfully staging the event. See you next year! 🙂

  1. dave says:

    you have the right way of running 😀

    |Playgroup Singapore

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